How have you used the time since March 2020?

What have you learned about your personal life (physical and metaphysical), and do you feel more self-empowered than before?

Potential Insights & Lessons (I spontaneously came up with 11):

Have you stocked up your pantry and know now, after more than a year, which food items you consume most?

Probably dried fruits, oil, tea, sugar, salt, rice and flour.

Have you practiced canning and making pickles?

I have, and I failed at canning. For some reason small patches of fungus grew inside the various jars of jam. But I succeeded making pickles, pickled vegetables and sauerkraut. If you did canning for the first time last year, please check the jars!

Can you make fire in the open?

I manage with matches and wood, but using paper or cotton wool and camphor are certainly making life much easier. Older, hard wood makes a better quality fire. The older and drier the wood, the less is required to maintain the fire.

How do you store water and make sure it remains pure?

In India most houses have 500l water tanks on the roof, a filter in the kitchen and various types of cooling antiseptic jars, made of copper, clay or glass.

Have you figured out when to put seeds for fruits, vegetables and herbs into the soil? 

Which plants need a lot of sun and which ones are fine with less takes observation. Creeper veggies such as beans, cucumber, pumpkin and gourd need sufficient space and also structural support. Tomatoes grow well in pots, but cucumber don’t. 

Have you observed the sun’s trajectory and how its ecliptic changes between the seasons?

Sunrise and sunset have different ascension and descension points during the course of a year. This effects all plants including those we plan to eat as well as the climate in the house. I found easy solutions to deflect heat from the roof to keep below bedrooms cooler. 

Can you live without electricity?

It is common in India to have electricity cuts for hours even days and nights. Coming from Europe, this was a bit of a shocker but very useful to become flexible. Firstly, to stop taking electricity for granted and rely on comforts that are not in my hands. Secondly, I learned to get things done without relying on electric power. Washing clothes by hand anybody?

Have you learned about your immune system, healthy eating, holistic medicine and healing methods?

I learned a lot and stocked up on some relevant guide books too, such as a homeopathy bible. I also created a holistic home apothecary to be independent, just in case.

Have you cognised who in your family, circle of friends, neighbourhood and nation is pragmatic, transparent, communicative, resourceful and helpful? And noticed who are the ignorati, the deceptive narcissists or gullible avoiders? 

We live in revealing times. And get good practice to learn how to conserve our energy and peace of mind.

Have you learned more about yourself?

I noticed more clearly than ever where my limits are, and when I need to assert my boundaries. Be it with myself, e.g. when tired take a nap, or with others… I have also been sensing more instantly than ever before when people are out of integrity. Or equally, embody integrity.

Are you detached in the ultimate way – are you ready to leave you body anytime any day?

Appreciating my aliveness, my breath, nature, animals and inspiring relationships is part of this. Gratitude for feeling aligned with ineffable isness and divine source, despite the happenings on this planet. On a more pragmatic side, it is good to sort out paperwork and finish unfinished business.

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