Do Being

Meditation is a space and gateway into SELF-AWARENESS. You sit with yourself. And you begin with scanning how your body feels. Sit, breathe and observe, without judgement. And check your emotions. Is there tension, anger, sadness, irritation, excitement, or neutrality? And check your mind, what kind of thoughts are running. Just breathe and witness without judgement.

Then begin to observe the GAPS between your thoughts (yes, there are gaps!). And in those gaps is stillness, nothingness. So you keep focusing on the nothingness and stillness between your thoughts.

With your focus on those gaps, the gaps become bigger. Because what you focus on increases. So make yourself comfortable in those gaps, those spaces of stillness. When you hold that focus, your thoughts are becoming less and less, and stillness is becoming more.

And in that stillness you just be. There is nothing to do. You just be. Beeeeee. The beauty is, that in beingness you are fully present. You EMBODY present moment awareness.

Typically thoughts distract you and pull you away from the present moment as they are either related to the past or the future. But when your awareness is in stillness, in that peaceful silence between thoughts, then you are in the PRESENT MOMENT, in the now. And then you are most powerful. Your INTUITION can reach you, and so can divine messages and HEALING.

Once you trained yourself to sit in the gaps between the thoughts, in present moment awareness, in that stillness and nothingness where you just breathe and be, samadhi-like, then at some point you can ask an important question into the COSMOS, and receive your answer.

The whole point of yoga or meditation classes is to train and EXTEND your awareness. The aim is to have self-awareness and present moment awareness ALL DAY LONG, beyond the sessions. Awareness of your body, thoughts, feelings 24/7. And self-awareness leads naturally to more awareness and care about your environment, the people, animals and nature around you. That is 360 degrees presence.


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