Healing: Clear Signs of Progress

“Proper” inner clearing and self-healing should lead to palpably positive changes in your life. Here two signs that indicate PROGRESS:

1. No more Emotional Charge:
People or situations that used to trigger you, do not have power over you anymore. What caused emotional upheaval and reactivity in you in the past has no more influence. You – your body chemistry, your mind and your heart – stay neutral and calm, naturally and without effort. Instead of getting pushed into emotionally charged reactions (which you typically regret later), you establish a new ability: to respond consciously.

2. No more Judgementalness:
It is draining if you always have an opinion, are critical and ready to harshly judge something, yourself or someone else. It is tiring not only for you but also the people around you. Especially Western culture teaches us to analyse and criticise. In general though, it is unhealed traumatic experiences in formative years which lead to judgmental tendencies. Judgementalness is a bad habit and also self-protection mechanism which creates a distance to others and blocks intimacy. A similar effect have rigid views of what’s right / wrong as they are typically expressed dogmatically, with a sense of superiority and the illusion to stay in control.

The more healed, whole and complete you become emotionally – mentally – physically (it’s all connected), the easier it is to respond to external events without emotional charge, defense and judgements. Aversions, agitations, attachments, desires and compulsions melt away. And you no longer generate any new sanskaras (sanskrit term for habits / neurological, mental imprints).

With increasing self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-realisation, you naturally change your behaviour and expand your comfort zone. You feel yourself and others more precisely, you learn to establish and assert healthy boundaries and can acknowledge circumstances without compulsively engaging in evaluations. Improving your capacity to discern allows you to stay open-minded and relaxed about different people, opinions or ideas. You are ready to be inspired and intuitively guided. Therewith create the foundation to fully unfold and blossom…

Trauma-informed mentoring and holistic healing help to unearth and transform suboptimal belief patterns and response programs. For a 3 Days Intensive Programme or the 9 Weeks Spiritual Coaching, just send me an email. Or book your sessions right here:

3 Days Intensive Programme

3 Personalised sessions via Zoom (3x 75 mins. within 3 days). We look at an acute inner conflict or your priority issue, and go to the root cause of it. To cognise the bigger picture and context is key for your transformation, healing and realignment to get back in the flow.


9 Weeks Mentoring Programme

Personalised sessions via Zoom (9x 75 mins. within 9 weeks, 1 session per week). We focus on your unique life situation, heart’s desire and soul calling. This programme allows you to explore your inner landscape and to learn to self-regulate. We utilise your perception for transformation and bring about new perspectives.


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