Good & Bad under Scrutiny

As the frequencies of the planetary field are shifting, we get to see and feel our lives as if under a magnifying glass. The beautiful and bright aspects, but especially the unpleasant and negative aspects show up because that is the dense stuff that has to be transformed.

This multi-dimensional detox is likely to feel challenging. That’s ok. Know that your system releases what has priority and what you can handle.

We are in for major inner purging of false identifications and it has never been easier (as long as we want it). Letting go of limiting stories that we keep telling ourselves (and others), our entanglements and entrapments, tendencies to be seduced, isolation, self-rejection and fears. Releasing old, long-forgotten trauma imprints. Grieving pent-up, denied pain…

This way we are creating space within to re-member our unique essence and embody natural beingness.

Be gentle on yourself and allow support from experienced holistic therapists or coaches who already completed in themselves what is presenting itself in front of you now.

Move step by step with extra care. And hold tight the hands of the divine, holy mother god and holy father god.


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