Beware emotional Manipulators

Individuals as well as larger parties use manipulation tactics to influence others’ behaviour and actions. Motivation? Power, pleasure or whatever else they view as beneficial for them. This is happening in epidemic proportions in every area of our lives. Be aware and assert your space.

Emotional Manipulators do

1 – GUILT-TRIPPING: attempt to make you feel bad or guilty for something you did not even do with the aim to control you.
2 – FALSE PROMISES: tell you what you want to hear but never deliver. Things get delayed and postponed, or completely forgotten.
3 – VIRTUE-SIGNALING: express and demonstrate their good character, piousness and moral correctness to win praise. Conversations can have a competitive or condescending note.
4 – SELF-ENTITLEMENT: brazenly or quietly expect that things get done for them. They have no impulse control but a childlike need to get whatever they want, fast.
5 – WITHHOLD IMPORTANT DATA: in an attempt to keep control over you they won’t share certain information, be it personal, professional or otherwise.
6 – CONTRADICTIONS & CONFUSIONS: skew reality, lack logic and coherence, also twist what you say, so discussions go in circles and issues get never resolved.
7 – LIES: have a habit of small white lies, or do full on betrayal where they deny what can be proven and lie to your face despite clear proofs and facts.
8 – INSISTING: persistent repetition of their point and wish plus complete ignorance of your needs. No interest in and no ability to take your perspective.
9 – PLAY VICTIM: share personal stories to get your sympathy or describe their problems as worse than someone else’s. Their neediness can be expressed with lots of tears and drama.
10 – PLAY HERO: tell success stories of the past, and believe to be perfect and superior.
11 – LOVE-BOMBING: they flirt, charm, flatter and overwhelm you with loving gestures.
12 – MOVE THE GOALPOST: permanently shift the aim or the criteria for a project / goal.
13 – DEFLECT & AVOID: not give a straight answer to a straight question, not accept constructive criticism, reject to take responsibility and blame you / others instead.
14 – INTIMIDATE WITH ANGER: shouting, threatening, sulking, leaving the room, make you feel weak and worried to not upset them or get their wrath or punishment.
15 – GENERALISE & MINIMISE: accuse you with terms like always or never. Not take your concerns seriously or minimise your difficulties.
16 – CHECK-OUT: absent-minded staring into the open space, ignoring you and not responding to what you say.
17 – CREATE FEAR: using psycho-spiritual fear tactics to control people or an environment can include painful memory triggers, temper tantrums, threats or anxiety inducing astral manipulations.
18 – HELP: their support does not come unconditionally though. Help from manipulators feels binding, sticky and almost like a trap, as indeed it is.
19 – PRETEND LACK: putting pressure on you by pretending scarcity of something. Aim is to get you make certain choices or behave in a certain way.

Your biggest challenge is the energetic drain that emotional manipulators cause (by deceiving you) and finding your true self and your own path when you have been distracted, abused and taken off-course.

The best way to deal with master manipulators and energy vampires is to avoid them. If that’s not possible, assert your space, establish healthy boundaries and take good care of yourself.

photo: unknown source

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