You are Spirit and Body

While many people still have to remember that they are a soul, I feel that some of us have to be repeatedly nudged to remember we have a body. That we have a physical body within our subtle beingness. That we are not only soul and spirit. Which of course is true from an absolute perspective, however, right now we are embodied here on Earth.

And during these times upheaval, distress, provocation and unawareness, it is so important to support our bodies in all its aspects. Psychologically, energetically, spiritually AND physically.

+ Spend lots of time in nature, away from big cities, digital devices and technologies

+ Process your fears and autopilot anxieties which might be stuck in your cellular memory

+ Eat natural, nutritious, simple food (but also enjoy chocolate or coffee, occasionally and in moderation)

+ Make sure you sleep well in a properly darkened room

+ Connect with like-minded people in person 

+ Keep cross-contamination to a minimum, which means reduce close encounters with people who chose to stick to old paradigms 

+ Have a pantry and store some food as it is reassuring for your body (yes, for your body!)

+ Do bodywork such as gardening, dancing, walking, yoga, swimming or reflexology, holistic massage and steam baths

+ Connect consciously to your ancestors

+ Connect consciously to your higher self and supreme source

+ work with your body consciousness, simply ask what it wants

+ Have an eye on homeless animals such as free roaming cows or stray dogs and provide food, medicine or shelter if needed

+ Step out of the victim / persecutor / rescuer-martyr archetypes. At this point it is not about trying to convince anybody of anything anymore.

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