From comfortable Spirituality to true Growth

Moving from Spiritual Comfort Zone which is safe but potentially also stagnant, to a Spiritual Growth Zone.

Overview of spiritual unfolding (simplified model):

Spiritual Comfort Zone:
normed beliefs
submission to ‘authorities’, rules, scriptures, festivals, guru or group
recitation & quoting others
more of the same & eventually stagnation

Fear Zone:
excuses & blame
spiritual bypassing
trauma responses / 4F
inferiority complex
superiority complex
easily triggered (emotional charge)
affected by others’ opinions

Healing & Learning Zone:
crisis / break down / dark night of the soul
confront own limiting beliefs & behaviour patterns
take full responsibility for own life & seek solutions
deal with challenges, problems and “elephants in the room”
face childhood traumata, grief & heal emotional wounds
regular spiritual practice & introspection
awakening experiences
attend retreats / workshops, holistic healing therapy, bodywork
energetic clearing & release of inner and outer clutter
acquire new skills & extend comfort zone

Spiritual Growth Zone:
new, expanded sense of self
refined awareness & perception
increased discernment & equanimity
share own insights
creative self-expression
equipped with tools for inner processes
new people / projects / places
continued learning, shedding and re-membering
samadhi, self-realisation & transcendence
true spirit embodiment & integrity


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