Siddhis – (super)natural Powers

New tech and ai actually mock what is essentially and inherently part of our divine capacity when we embody unity consciousness (SAMYAMA) and align ourselves to our true selves: telepathy and teleportation, past life insights, remote viewing, paranormal vision and healing, for example.

These natural faculties and powers are also called SIDDHIS in the ancient yoga tradition of India. And the synthetic, ai based versions try to simulate such god-given original gifts.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, even Siddhis have to be handled with caution. Expressed by even just a slightly unbalanced individual, Siddhis can feed the negative ego and keep one trapped. Therewith prevent true liberation.

Sage Patanjali suggests that a yogi should go beyond all these powers and avoid to be tempted to show off or be lured by demonic entities that flatter him and hijack his skills to serve their own agenda.

That’s indeed a risk. Hence integrity is key. And integrity happens when we heal and become complete within, by shedding what we are not, and re-membering what we truly are. This takes inner and outer work though…

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