From Dysregulations to Blossoming

Your behaviour and reactions that helped and saved you to survive your difficult and traumatic childhood are actually harming you now as an adult, e.g. fantasising, hoping, idealising, wishing, withdrawing and dissociating.

Please note that trauma is not necessarily physical abuse but neglect, abandonment, parents’ absence or conflicts, early big responsibilities and prolonged uncertainty.

To find your truth and way in life, it is important to confront and heal our anxiety and abondonment wounds. Because if we are unhealed, we tend to have bad judgement on ourselves, people and situations. We remain fragmented on subconscious level and our entire body system stays latently on alarm and alert. This makes us physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually dysregulated.

Dysregulation causes all sorts of issues.
The 7 most common are:

– foggy headedness, memory issues, tiredness
– unhealthy food habits
– immature responses to people or situations
– socially standing back or avoid
– not offering our gifts (unclear about our talents and mission)
– lack of healthy boundaries (not saying No when needed)
– staying longer in dysfunctional relationship (enmeshment)

How to start healing?
Look at what is right now in front of you.

1. Regulate yourself: calm down and soothe your nervous system.
2. Work with a trusted therapist and holistic health practitioner on what is acute and weighing you down.

Take one step at a time!
Focused present moment awareness.
And always connected to nature.

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