How to prepare ourselves

Rona, Russia and likely more dramas to come… How to prepare ourselves? What to do?

To prepare ourselves spiritually is the most important key in this day and age.

Be in communion with your spirit. Meditate and spend time in silence. And in nature. Breathe into your spine and practice 360 degree awareness. Listen to your gut feelings and intuition.

Do not attach to the physical body and / or material possessions. Nevertheless, do what is necessary to make your body feel save. Your body has its own consciousness and feels calmer with a stocked up pantry and tools to cultivate your own food.

Stay as sovereign as possible. Stop being enslaved to the stories and lifestyles of the wrong world. Leave the labyrinth of inversions and entrapments. Beware of limiting spiritual paths and deceptively pious predators too.

Detox emotionally. Check what triggers you into emotional charge and impulsive reactivity. Unhealed emotional wounds skew our perception of ourselves, others, situations and reality, which just leads to suboptimal life decisions.

Let go of narcissistic / codependent relationships. Release everything that messes with your mind, heart, nervous system and biochemistry. Nurture mutually uplifting and inspiring relationships.

Trust yourself. Your own inner antennae are your only true navigation system through these timelines of upheaval.

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