Family Constellation: Healing through Inner Knowing

For permanent healing of an issue to happen, a therapy method has to embrace our multidimensional anatomy – body, mind, emotions, energies, spirit.

This is why, Family Constellation is one of my favourite healing modalities – still after more than 25 years since my first constellation session in Germany. It has stood the test of time! Though 1:1 sessions and groups ‘in person’ are preferred, in recent years I have also done constellations online in zoom sessions which worked very well.

Working on the level of consciousness, ether, emotions and the body allows us to permanently clear the root causes of our suboptimal thought- and behaviour patterns, entanglements, emotional wounds and physical tensions.

Doing psychospiritual healing with the “knowing field” (a term given by Dr Albrecht Marr to the energetic field that forms in a constellation process) is highly effective, deeply healing and empowering.

Most of our repeated conflicts and longterm diseases have their roots in our family of origin and the established dynamics there, may they be hidden or obvious. Driving factors of problems are often a subconscious sense of loyalty, guilt, identification or disrespect towards certain family members and ancestors.

“Acknowledging what is” and working with “what is” during a constellation session brings us right into present moment awareness – which is the golden key to clear perception, important insights and solutions that serve all parties involved. 

Topics we can look at can be specific unhealthy relationship patterns, emotional patterns (anxiety, jealousy etc) or more abstract challenges such as a disease, life purpose, important decision or business problem.

In the consciousness field of a family constellation nothing can be hidden. Forgotten, aborted or sick family members, death or loss of someone, heartbreak, trauma or resentments as well as fondness, warmth or attachments.

Truth shows, and heals. And above all, it is Love that rules. Love and divine order.

Although typically a group therapy tool, Family Constellation can also be used in 1:1 session, or alone if you have experience with healing processes and your own inner world. Instead of people as representatives of the topic / concern, we take papers that are titled according to the topic at hand. Alternately standing on these sheets you can feel what’s going on… and the transformation can begin.

If appropriate, I use this method not only with clients but also sometimes for myself. This morning I had support from the neighbours’ dogs. 😆

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