8 Limbs of Yoga – Royal Path to Selfrealisation

I have created this diagram “8 Limbs of Yoga” based on Asthang Raj Yoga according to the revered siddhar yogi and sage Maharishi Patanjali. My aim is to help yoga practitioners with a clearly structured and easy to understand overview.

Also to inspire people to dive deeper: Yoga in the West is commonly practised as physical exercise, rather than as the spiritual self-mastery and meditation skill associated with in the East.

Here is the latest finetuned version of my diagram. Feel free to share it and use it in your yoga classes.

The first original version I published in 2014 and I have noticed that it got copied and modified by others since then.

Practical Yoga Psychology by Rishi Vivekananda, The Yoga Tradition by Georg Feuerstein, Teaching Yoga by Mark Stephens, The Subtle Energy Body by Maureen Lockhart, Mahabarata, Pantajali’s Yoga Sutras, and my own practice;

‘8 Limbs of Yoga’ Diagram:
© 2014 – 2022 Marina Wolny, adivinespace.com – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. QUOTING / COPYING / CHANGING / PUBLISHING THIS ORIGINAL IN FORM AND CONTENT IS NOT PERMITTED WITHOUT MY EXPRESSIVE / WRITTEN CONSENT. Fair use of this diagram is permitted, if you acknowledge and provide relevant copyright information (name and link).

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