Re-member your Free Will power

This may be relieving or inspiring for some, and unsettling for others.

Referring to what I saw in March 2020 (the split and partial fall), here a status update: the trajectory for Earth is still valid but the process is prolonged, extended.

We might not experience it in our lives. But we will certainly come across the consequences of what is happening with Earth. Probably just a gentle form of what is going on. As some can successfully avoid that trajectory.

There are a few people and beings who can create their own reality, and exit through that creation. They won’t be exiting through Earth’s major reality but through their own reality in the Earth field. Because once they made their choice it has to be respected.

They carve out their own vortexes and portals to exit, and to network. Which is of different vibration than the main vibration on the planet.

They will get observed. They will be watched by the forces on and around Earth. But they will have their freedom because they have made a choice. And that choice has to be respected.

The more make that choice, the better. More people have to be made aware of their free will choices. That they have this option.

NOTE: What choice, what option you might ask? You can consciously choose the path of organic living and light, and align with divine order and original source. Also request “higher self guidance on, now!”, then listen, follow through and co-create. Stand in your spiritual power!

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