The fluid nature of Consciousness

What Yogis and Yoginis have been experiencing since time immemorial through meditation, pranayama, sadhana and tapasya: Consciousness Breakthroughs.

And our nervous system (CNS), cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and our own natural DMT production play key roles in this.

DMT gets produced by the pineal gland and can be found in the cerebrospinal fluid. It is partially responsible for our perception, conscience, vision, imagination and dreaming. It is also crucial for our mental health and overall stability.

“Respiration effects the cerebrospinal fluid flow. … We are able to alchemise our hormones into DMT.” 
– Wim Hof

DMT is well-known for inducing a transcendent psychological experience. It can help us grasp experientially the interconnectedness of everything in the cosmos. It is a chemical not only released during mystical states but also a chemical that modulates our waking reality (ref. Dr. Jon Dean).

“CSF is dispersed throughout the ventricles, it bathes the outside of the brain, and it goes down in the middle of our spinal canal, in the central canal, and it bathes our entire spinal cord. Essentially if something is dropped into this fluid it can be dispersed to the entire brain.”
– Dr. Mauro Zappaterra

Research shows that shallow breathing, digesting food, exercise/movement, and bright sunlight suppress our DMT production while the opposite environment increases DMT: an extremely dark environment, deep/rapid breathing exercises, stillness and presence of body / mind, and abstaining from food.

A change of our body chemistry is one reason why a higher state of consciousness like meditative trance, Samadhi or the Esdaile State allows us divine insights and the necessary awareness shifts that facilitate permanent (self-)healing.

So this is why I guide clients into altered states at the beginning of a healing and coaching session. I want them to see for themselves the bigger picture and what is going on inside of them.

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