20 Personal Challenges on a Silver Platter

Obvious issues that make it easy for you to navigate your self-healing and self-realisation journey. Good time for introspection and an honest self-assessment:

1 – You cannot easily be alone with yourself

2 – You cannot easily meet new people and socialise with sovereignty

3 – You have a conflict-rich relationship with your parents

4 – You resent your mother / father

5 – You glorify your mother / father

6 – You are into gossip

7 – You can be triggered into impulsive reactivity and emotional charge (fear, anger, helplessness, jealousy, enviousness, short-temperedness, anxiety) 

8 – You care a lot what other people think and you arrange your life to please everyone’s expectations

9 – You have reoccurring destructive thought and behaviour patterns (self-sabotage)

10 – You attract the same problem/s again and again

11 – You are in a relationship with a narcissist (partner or guru)

12 – You keep ignoring red flags and your intuition

13 – You feel entitled (to attention, company, entertainment, comforts etc)

14 – Your physical body expresses dis-ease, allergies, unexplainable pains or sleeplessness

15 – You fluctuate between sense of superiority and inferiority 

16 – You deny that good and evil exist and focus only on positive non-dual love ‘n light

17 – You binge on new age webinars / youtube videos without much discernment

18 – You believe everything “spiritual” is good and beneficial

19 – You have never heard of “trauma-healing”, “inner child integration” and “blind spots”

20 – or you tense up and resist when you hear those terms

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