Absolute Truths & Human Truths

There are absolute truths about existence, at the same time there are truths about being human. The complete human life includes both.

Our absolute metaphysical self doesn’t need anything, it is our human embodiment that has needs – basic ones like shelter, food and fresh air, but also emotional needs like relating, affection, sense of belonging, physical contact and creative self-expression.

No matter how spiritually evolved we believe to be, whether we are seeker or teacher, let’s be careful not to deny ourselves these needs.

For most humans also emotional healing is a necessity at some point in their lives.

If we got abused, neglected or spoiled in our childhood, if we experienced an acute shock or chronic traumatisation in the formative years, then we have to deal with our resulting woundings, weaknesses, fragmentations, dissociations, confusions as well as compensation strategies, once we are adults.

When we understand that we are multi-dimensional beings, we will cognise that every experience, thought and action has multi-dimensional consequences – on physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.

And yes, pure consciousness is the sacred formless absolute light, the ultimate reality free of all desires, agitations and excitement. But truth can only be perceived with a sober mind and absence of emotional charge.

As long as we ignore our latent grief, repeated discomforts or conflict patterns, as long as we do not acknowledge and heal our childhood traumata, unearth our blind spots and release ancestral karma or loyalties, we will continue to get emotionally triggered, seduced, distracted and deviated.

Sadly, this part – about absolute truths AND human truths – rarely gets explained by spiritual influencers, gurus or satsang teachers.

True spirituality is about consolidation and coherence. Coherence in thinking, speech, behaviour. Focusing on transcendence or addictive astral bliss, and brushing worldly needs and issues aside with the all-is-maya or all-is-temporary approach, is spiritual bypassing. Nothing more, nothing less.

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