Universe vs Antiverse

Something is shifting big time and it has a tremendous impact on our bodies, energy and consciousness fields. Whether it is the alignment of our solar system with other suns (Alcyone, Sirius and the central sun) OR the coming of planet x (Niburu / Hercolubus / Wormwood / Red Planet / Marduk / Red Kachina), we are in quite some Upheaval.

The fabric of our current reality is being dismantled through natural cosmic evolution with its corresponding vibrations, magnetics and dynamics. (check: ‘Yuga’ cycles)

We are in the midst of a cosmic event with multidimensional clashes between original reality and false overlays. Universe vs. Antiverse. Even if we have long suspected that things here on the planet are twisted or wrong (and our perception is now being confirmed), it is quite something to actually experience the split of realities up close and personal.

It squeezes us physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. e.g. heaviness in the body, tiredness, restlessness, even breakdown of technical equipment, no appetite, headache, space and time confusions, emotional charge, conflicts and drama or quiet alienation amongst family / friends but also inspiration, ideas, healing, detachments, consciousness shifts, new needs, new encounters, co-creations etc.

This post is a friendly reminder that now is the time to simplify our lives, take care of our body and soul, and arm ourselves with pure intentions, discernment, faith, equanimity and love.

images: attempts to explain the current cosmic happening (illustrators unknown):