Don’t let spirituality forsake your embodiment!

Recently I worked with clients who have been into spirituality for quite some time but have not really anchored themselves in their bodies. Without being aware of it, their main focus was on self-enquiry, truth seeking, meditation, sadhana and whatever else brought their attention up and out of their bodies.

However, we are incarnated (in flesh) and we have to allow life energy fully into the body, into our physical vehicle. And yes, also right down to muladara and svadhisthana chakra, no matter how evolved and “beyond lower human nature” we believe to be!

Our body holds the engine-room for every aspect of our lives – physical manifestations as well as metaphysical insights. This special space is the Hara, the vital centre in men and women and key to embodiment.

If we do not anchor properly within our physical bodies and align head, heart and hara, we won’t be able to hold much of cosmic consciousness and primordial lifeforce.

Interested in optimal embodiment and shifting your basecamp of consciousness?
Let me know, and just send an email. I have a 3 months awaken-awareness program coming up.

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