Humanity’s Split

The split is taking shape with increasingly rapid speed. More and more ignorance and darkness is getting revealed – in society at large and individually. Where the collective is not in integrity, where leaders are not in integrity, where you are not in integrity and where I am not in integrity.

The split between those who are willing to melt their ignorance, face their trigger points and blind spots. And those who don’t.

The split between those who can read energies signatures, have an intact connection to their intuition, psychic abilities and somatic intelligence, who are committed to bring their spiritual house in order and care about truth. And those who don’t, who prefer to stay in the comforts of a warm sticky web of denial, distractions, incoherent beliefs and behaviours, assumptions, envy, gossip, consumerism and opportunism.

The split between those who have no awareness of the reality of entity attachments and interferences, and those who do.

Quite emblematic and perfidious is the reversal of perception: Those who give pseudo-spiritual and pseudo-tolerant justifications for everything dark and inappropriate, while pointing their fingers contemptuously at those who speak with purity of heart, clarity and common sense.

Personally, we get confronted with our shadows and blockages. It just happens, as if by divine magic, that our misalignments and the consequences of adverse etheric implants show up. We are made aware of all thats not aligned to divine order. We can then choose how to deal with the issue at hand, ignore it and move on, or acknowledge and go within.

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