High Frequency Alignment

After a long break, I’m offering again High Frequency Alignments. Activation and Harmonisation in Silence.

Do you feel anxious, restless, irritated, tense, out of sync? Is your system in need of rest, an energetic cleansing and vibrational upgrade? If you don’t want to talk much but desire a gentle yet powerful recalibration of your system without physical contact, then this is it.

A High Frequency Alignment takes place via zoom.

You rest and I hold space for high frequencies to stream forth, which not only help to release your most demonstrative energy blockages in a harmonious way, but also to strengthen, refresh and protect you.

High Frequency Alignments release acute limiting imprints and energetic burdens that you have accumulated and which reduce your vibration and perception. The issues may come from painful passages or relationships of the past, ancestral or planetary issues. It is ideal for gridworkers to help them remembering relevant information and codes, to better understand their own stellar vibration, and resolve interferences.

Together we create, across time and space, a field in which you can experience surprising aha moments, or I receive important information for you (which I share with you at the end of the session). It is often an extraordinary experience in which the client becomes aware of changes on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, or gains clarity about the next steps in their life.

Session: remotely via zoom
Duration: ca. 60 minutes
Scheduling: according to our time zones

How many appointments? This depends entirely on your individual situation. 3 appointments a few days apart are ideal. Many notice a positive change after the first session – a more profound change by the time the third session is over.

Cancellation: Once paid and scheduled, this work is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person / different service. Delayed arrivals may be rejected – out of consideration for other participants or other appointments. Appointments must be scheduled after purchase and take place within the scheduled time frame of 3 -7 days, or are forfeited otherwise.

Recording the sessions is not permitted.

Book Now:

1x High Frequency Alignment

Single session (ca. 60 minutes). After paying, please send a message to schedule your appointment, using the form in the contact section. https://adivinespace.com/contact/


Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 11.20.51 AM

3x High Frequency Alignment

Three sessions (each ca. 60 minutes) within 3-7 days. After paying, please send a message to schedule your appointments, using the form in the contact section. https://adivinespace.com/contact/



Thank you again for your beautiful healing session the other day. Keep up the great work you are doing for the Light!!!
S.A., Italy

Since our session I am finding that you helped me unlock the blockages in my feminine. My relationship with my husband is much more harmonious and things are flowing … Thank you. I also feel that I am flowing and emotions are not intense anymore, I am managing to observe and ride the waves. Hugs and much love.
A.B., India

For almost 20 years, Marina and I have been accompanying each other on our journey through life. Marina has my full respect for the steps she has taken (…). I trust her completely – and so I placed myself into her hands for a treatment. I have opened myself for something which until today I can not grasp with my mind… I can only say what I felt and still feel: this indescribable tender, yet powerful connection of my being with the universal creative power – with God. I have seen inner pictures, which give me confidence. I feel involved in the unimaginable great plan of creation. And almost every day I am amazed that the frequent headaches I had over decades have gone.
H.E., Germany

Marina, Thank you so much. Your sessions are amazing and you are gifted.
B.B., India

I am not a physician and I do not diagnose or treat a disease. If you have a serious medical or mental condition, please inform me and seek medical advice from your doctor or health care professionals. I cannot guarantee specific results and our sessions are no replacement for medical care or prescriptions. I am in service to soul / spirit / source and through the spiritual realm of consciousness you can shift into a state where transformation and self-healing become available to you, and by you. You as client take full responsibility for using the services outlined on this website. By contacting me for a session you are acknowledging this. 

Illustrations: Daniel Holeman

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