About Me


Bridging Germany & India

In my teenage years I began exploring personal development paths – initially only aiming at understanding myself and human behaviour better, then over the years progressively focusing on the nature of existence, universal truths and the unfoldment of human potential. While officially following a mainstream lifestyle model with a corporate, yet creative profession, I kept exploring the metaphysical aspects of life in my spare time. And the journey continues.  

I was born in the Northern Rhineland of Germany, went to school and university in Hamburg (MA Communication Design), and left my home country the moment I got the opportunity (I had won a scholarship that allowed me to go abroad).

Why I live in India is a longer story which is somewhat linked to my move to London in my early 20s, where also my career as design director and brand consultant began. It was a job I enjoyed and that made it possible to travel a lot, live in different countries and that eventually lead to more than 16 years of international, cross-cultural work experience.

There is an infinite list of things that contributed to my formation. For example, spending most of my life abroad (in five countries between the UK and the UAE); my near-death experience (NDE) as a teenager; a depression in my early 20s which got cleared during a shamanic healing retreat (not psychotherapy); lessons learned through personal and existential crises; trusting my inner voice and spirit when leaving the fast-paced corporate world; yoga; zazen; the systemic constellation process; spiritual science through Clinical Hypnosis acc. to Dr. Yogesh Choudhary and other pioneers in spiritual hypnosis; workshops and further education in holistic healing and psychosynthesis; pilgrimages to powerspots between Europe and Asia; travelling; encounters with yogis, sages and spiritual masters; initiations and grace; the alchemy of marriage; and many more. 

I have experienced light and dark sides of Christian and Hindu religious culture. I was baptised in the catholic church and confirmed in the protestant church, yet I had mystical experiences that were completely independent of ecclesiastical dogmas. To connect with Jesus or the formless Supreme does not depend on any denominations. Ultimately, I cancelled my ‘church membership’ because also the monthly billing (obligatory church tax which I kept paying over decades in Germany) felt out of sync.

Clairsentience, the path of yoga and meditation brought me refined awareness and body consciousness, precious processing tools for healing as well as indications and empowerments for my path. But also an understanding of the risk and dangers when dealing with manipulative masters and gurus who have unattended blind spots.

If I had to describe the most important key for my development, it would be following my heart and learning through direct experience. Not studying. Relevant also: shedding data that is not mine and re-membering lost parts that belong to me. 

I’m married and live most time of the year in a small city on the banks of Ganga in the Himalayan foothills of Northern India. I speak German (mother tongue), English, Italian and Hindi (in progress).

m dec 2017

 Background & Influences, e.g.:

  • Intense Meditation & Yoga practice (Zazen, Integral Yoga);
  • Initiations and trainings mainly from Himalayan Masters (‘unknown’ and known, e.g. Kriya Yoga via Swami Mangalananda Giri, disciple of master Paramahamsa Hariharananda, who was the direct disciple of Sri Yukteswar);
  • Initiations from the 14th Dalai Lama (e.g. Kalachakra);
  • Pranayama (with Anthony Lobo, close disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar);
  • Training and certification as Hypnotherapist and Past Life Repressionist; qualified according to American standards in Clinical Hypnosis (L1, L2, L3, PLR) at the Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy New Delhi, the Indian branch of the CHI California Hypnosis Institute, USA; further training in Advanced Hypnotic Modalities, Past Life Regression and Talking to the Subconscious;
  • Certification as HypnoBirthing® Practitioner (The Mongan Method);
  • Practice and certification in different healing modalities:
    Holistic Massage (Reflexology & Ayurveda), Reconnective Healing®/The Reconnection® (with Dr. Eric Pearl) and Pranic Healing (PI, PII, PIII, AYP) acc. to Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui;
  • Accredited Health Practitioner registered with the German Association for Alternative Medicine (BfG/DGAM);
  • Certified Meditation Teacher (with Eckhart Wunderle, Institute for Spiritual Psychology, Munich);
  • Family Constellation (with Bert & Sophie Hellinger, Bertold Ullsamer, Doris Lessing-Schneider);
  • Initiatic Art Therapy acc. to Dr. Maria Hippius-Gräfin Dürckheim and Prof. Karlfried Graf Dürckheim;
  • MA Communication Design (Dipl. FH Hamburg, Germany);