Pure Consciousness is the Key

There is an intelligence in the universe which doesn‘t fit into the parameters of human logic and physical mechanics. We can call it pure consciousness. And you have two options to deal with it: You can EITHER choose and use it OR you ignore it, pretending consciousness doesn’t exist.  

Translated into your everyday life:
You have the choice to REACT from automated, limiting subconscious imprints, programmes and five sense perception, thereby making decisions and displaying behaviour that neither serve your highest good, nor the highest good of those around you, OR to RESPOND from consciousness and higher senses, evolving into a being that ascends to ever finer awareness, into someone who makes choices aligned with their higher self and cosmic principles, someone of benevolent thoughts and deeds, bringing balance and beauty onto the planet.

Your higher self is always available and directly connected to the higher dimensional realms and highest supreme consciousness (call it god if you like). The only question is: Where are you? 

How finetuned are your antennae to receive impulses from your higher self and soul consciousness? Can intuitions reach you and are you strong enough to follow them (even if they make sense only later)? OR are you blocked?


BEYOND THE 5 SENSE PERCEPTION Do you live life most of the time on autopilot directed by your subconscious programmes, or are you flowing with the intuitions and impulses from your higher self, aligned with universal consciousness? Diagram: Qualities of the human mind, © Marina Wolny

Do you keep falling back into old sabotaging thought-, behaviour-, illness- or relationship patterns despite the many years of spiritual practice and countless hours of therapy?

Then it is time to access your inner archive and replace low frequency data with higher vibrational alternatives. To exit a cycle of poor choices and repeated disfunctionalities in the areas of health, relationships, finances, career, life opportunities and spirituality, it is important to align yourself – on subconscious, conscious and supraconscious mind levels. Because whatever beliefs, identifications and memories you have imprinted in your system, whether you are aware of them or not, that’s what you get to experience. And you will face certain ‘disturbances’ over and over again, until you heal them, bring them to completion.

To facilitate impulses for your progress, we have to go beyond the five sense perception, and into the realm of consciousness. True solutions unfold for an individual when an experiential awareness shift has happened. Then healing can be lasting. And with a higher dimensional shift, you install a new vibration which will naturally and effortlessly transform your expressions (thoughts, feelings, words, actions, creations). And with that new circumstances, people and things get manifested and magnetised.

My part 

I offer my first hand insights as therapist and mystic, and bring impulses to the table which can serve you in making the next best step forward in your life. The methods I utilise are flexible enough to allow continuous upgrades and an adaption to your unique requirements. They are not copied or just theoretically studied, but based on my own experience, proven and checked by myself.  

With ‘therapist’ I imply that I had professional trainings in various healing modalities for my own benefit as well as my clients’. At the same time I am open for the mystical unfoldment of life, using a subtle inner navigation to explore consciousness beyond any doctrines or concepts.

I don’t interfere with what you have learned, nevertheless I will question and challenge the status quo of your life. 

You and me, client and practitioner, are together on a mission,
yet also only players in the unified field.

And the field goes far beyond our individual minds. In fact we enter a space outside of linear time, a realm where past, present and future are dissolved. The aim is to tune into what psychiatrist Albrecht Mahr describes as the Knowing Field. Comparable to what Hindus call the Akashic Records. Rupert Sheldrake and other scientists refer to it as the Morphogenic Field, where communication is instantaneous and unrestricted by time and space. This offers the possibility for us to work with the whole creation of a soul and its connections, whether relationships in this life, ties from past lives or associates in other dimensional realms. 

We tap into this field that guides you, me and both of us to perceive relevant data, messages, feelings, images, symbols and insights. This way, our perceptions inform the flow of the session – revealing underlying dynamics of the stated issue and leading to reconciliation and resolution (completion).