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Don’t fall for Future Fakers

Good time for people to stop fooling themselves, stop focusing on the potential of society or politics, and instead accept what is actual reality.

All through 2020, popular psychics have been affirming “This is how shifting the human collective looks like. It is Earth’s ascension into 5D. Hang in there, even if it does not yet get reflected on the outside.” (referring to corrupt governments, lock-downs etc.).

Many people have been hooked by cultlike initiatives that asked to “trust the plan”, and promised great changes ahead.

Also during political elections, people are made to believe that the new political chief will be the bringer of a glorious new era.

Now, these three examples illustrate how people can be put under the spell of “Future Faking” and believe in “salvation”. The spell casting can happen when charismatic individuals or parties make promises of a better future.

These visions of the future have two things in common.
1. they never manifest and 2. they keep people hooked, hopeful, waiting and disempowered.

Sadly in this day and age, all of humanity is still under the influence of patriarchs and narcissists. And one of a narcissist’s main characteristics is to promise to fulfill your dreams, get you what you desire and tell you what you want to hear so you do what they want you to do: commit to them, obey and stay quiet, focus on the outside instead on yourself and your self-awareness, make compromises and sacrifices – invest your life into them and the “ideal future”. Which of course, will never come.

A promise can be seducing and may sound valuable but it is the oldest technique in the narcissistic tool box to create illusions, trap you and get your gifts – be it your attention, time, thoughts, energy, skills, your money, material goods, or your soul. All benefits go to the narcissist or patriarch. Promises are made but not followed by actual actions on the promises.

Mind you, this tool is not only held by men. Women are also entrapped in the patriarchial web, just that their instruments and expressions might vary. Future Faking is part of the current social architecture on the planet and includes greed, power hunger, manipulation, deception, mind control and enslavement.

In essence, it is parasitism and it suppresses people’s most important evolution: spiritual unfoldment. The embodiment of divine order, natural law and the individual’s original unique soul and spirit.

What becomes ever more obvious:
1_Deception and entrapments take place even in high dimensional realms.
2_Interferences with humans’ direct connection to god / supreme source become more sophisticated and insidious.
3_Technology keeps on advancing at record speed but people’s spiritual embodiment and integrity does not catch up.
4_ If you keep giving, remain stuck and getting nothing back it is time to cut your losses, detach and move on.
5_Check and release any saviour / martyr programming you might carry. Be solution-oriented and take response-ability of your self and your life. What do you want? Create it. What do you not want? Release it.

One truth is, that with a real shift of consciousness also changes in the outside world take place, naturally and automatically. At times even instantly.

Another truth is that via regular meditation / stillness practice (Sadhana), we can learn to detach from our sense distractions, aversions and cravings as well as emotional charges. During the current worldwide upheaval, I recommend daily meditation to become balanced, gain clarity and stay cosmically empowered.

And in order to anchor our true spirit and hold supreme high frequencies in the body, we have to prepare our system (above all our nervous system)! Clear and free ourselves from trauma imprints and fragmentations, false identifications, blind spots and emotional triggers. No one can do it for us. Yet we also do not have to do it alone, but can ask trusted holistic healer for support.

Divine Sweets for Earth!

divine sweets for earth

Friends, we live in times of upheaval and what is currently unfolding on the planet will change society profoundly. Whether you feel anxious and powerless, or calm and collected, the following transmission / meditation is meant to provide you with an extra boost of empowerment and encouragement. “Divine Sweets” will melt in your multidimensional bodyfield and therewith dissolve which does not serve you anymore, help you to re-member what needs integration and activate your still dormant strengths. You can also help others, just read on…

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Health Issues are no Coincidence

Health issues you experienced as Child, or even now as adult, are NO coincidence. Time to heal it all permanently, now.
Have you suffered from annual Inner Ear Infections, repeated Ear Ringing and occasional Balance disorders (maybe had an accident leading to traumatic brain injury / TBI) when you were young? Or have those symptoms even as an adult, plus hormonal issues (miscarriages, low sperm count, moodswings, pains etc)? Have you had surgery of tonsils and / or adenoids, dental amalgam fillings, an arsenal of antibiotics and newborn / childhood vaccinations? Were you emotionally and spiritually neglected as child? Have you had an emotionally, physically unsettling or abusive childhood?

Well, then, it might be a good time, to scan and review your health history right up to how you are now. All body systems are connected. And absolute key for your multidimensional well-being are your cardiovascular system, immune system, endocrine / glandular system, nervous system and brain. Connect the dots!

The adenoids are small lumps of soft tissue found at the back of the nose in children. They are part of the immune system and help to fight infections. They are made of the same tissue as lymph nodes (glands). Variations in size and shape of adenoids are normal.

If the adenoids get infected and swollen, they can cause ear and breathing problems. Swollen adenoids can cause an Inner Ear Infection, and vice versa (Inner Ear Infection can cause swollen adenoids).

The root cause is typically extreme stress, an allergy or a reaction to medication. For example, allergies trigger immune reactions. When allergens reach the adenoids, the immune system triggers inflammation in response and the adenoids swell. Chronic allergies can create persistently swollen adenoids.

An Adenoidectomy (surgical removal of the adenoid) might be performed without checking the real reason of the swelling. And of course the removal can cause issues as well as they are part of the immune system. If you research this subject, you notice that the effectiveness of removing the adenoids in children has not even been well studied.

Please acknowledge what happened, what you experienced, detox (physically, psychologically, energetically), find a trustworthy holistic therapist to facilitate awareness and (self-)healing.

image: painting by William Adolphe Bouguereau

Ancestors | Healing Order for Upliftment

I have started studying India’s Philosophies (Darshana) with a Professor for Vedic Literature and Sanskrit. And it is absolutely fantastic. He is 76 years old and began life as student of the Brahmin traditions at his family‘s University (Gurukula) when only 5 years old. Later on he moved to Varanasi, the spiritual HQ for Sanskrit. He has more than 50 years of teaching experience and I’m blessed to have 1:1 lectures with him. The recent class with him confirmed my own experiences in life as well as the insights I gained by working as holistic life coach: the importance of respecting all our ancestors, and in particular our mother and father.

Now, feeling sincere honour and gratitude towards our parents is easier said than done when we had a troublesome childhood. When we were neglected and abused (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually). When we were pushed far too early into taking care of ourselves, our siblings and our parents (becoming a “Parentified Child”). The consequences and imprints of our traumata, the emotional wounds and resentments can sit deeply and well hidden (almost forgotten). If they remain unhealed, they usually lead us to feel more or less silent resentments and expectations towards our parents – anger mixed with a sense of entitlement to receive some sort of reparations.

More often than not, this results in sense of superiority, which is of course the opposite to respect and appreciation. Superiority typically takes turns with submission, et voila, we have key points for why we feel incoherent and are indeed out of alignment.

And it is understandable, that it is challenging or even impossible to feel heartfelt respect for mum and dad, – once we had a sobering review of our early years and realised that our upbringing was suboptimal. But I can assure you, there is a way out of this dilemma.

What helps in such circumstances and conflict, is a broadening of our horizons. A look at the grandparents as well as ancestors. Most likely we will gain information that will help us to understand why our parents behaved the way they did. We can begin to connect the dots, see the bigger picture, re-member our wounded inner child aspects and heal ourselves. This completion and closure is permanent and empowering. Love and lifeforce energy that was blocked and frozen in dissociated parts of ourselves and negative feelings towards our family of origin, get freed and bring us back into a positive life flow.

With this post I would like to invite you to check the relationships you have with your family of origin: your mother, your father, your grandmothers, grandfathers and beyond, such as aunts, uncles, cousins. Review your life but also their lives and the lives of other family members covering the past 2-3 generations.

Are there any family member forgotten / shunned / lost / aborted / killed? Acknowledge what happened and ask divine spirit to heal and harmonise all disruptions. This will support you in bringing back healing order into your lineage.

Once you feel truly at peace and also grateful for the life that comes to you through your parents and grandparents, you can call upon your ancestors for support (wherever they might be, on / off planet).

It is amazing what can unfold when we bring our own house (ancestral lineage) in order and pray for everyones’ well being. Just remember that you have to consciously ask the ancestors for their help and wisdom in your life.

After decades of self-healing, studies and further education in holistic and yogic practices as well as work with clients, I can see and sense, how the seemingly simple sentences in the Taittiriya Upanishad, are actually incredibly profound and powerful.

The ancient scriptures tell us that there are four Gods to be respected. First your mother, second your father, third your teachers and fourth your guests.

देवपितृकार्याभ्यां न प्रमदितव्यम् । Do not neglect your duty to the Gods & Ancestors.
मातृदेवो भव । Regard the Mother as your God. – Matr Devo Bhava
पितृदेवो भव । Regard the Father as your God. – Pitr Devo Bhava
आचार्यदेवो भव । Regard the Teacher as your God. – Achariya Devo Bhava
अतिथिदेवो भव । Regard the Guest as your God. – Atithi Devo Bhava

And the 5th God would be the eternal invisible supreme Superpower.

The scriptures do not give any further explanations. And that’s ok. Truth reveals itself in divine, right timing.

And for those who would like to leave destructive family and relationship dynamics behind, help is at hand. If you are ready for a deep dive into your family constellations to harmonise repeated negative thought and behaviour patterns, just get in touch with me.

What now…? …

…as the “agenda” is obviously getting rolled out as planned?

✨1.) Let’s stay calm and in the present moment, but let’s also stay informed to make optimal choices.

✨2.) Practice self-mastery and neutralise all emotional charge and discomfort in the light of loving awareness and equanimity.

✨3.) Invoke divine order and the optimal timeline for natural, original, joy- and soulful conscious living. 💎

✨4.) Let’s continue with our spiritual practice / sadhana and create spiritual warmth within and around us. Alchemising powers united! 🔥

✨5.) Connect to supreme source directly, without any mediators. You are buddha, an awakened one. Buddha is not a name, it’s a quality of an individual.

✨6.) Do not waste any energy on people who are not interested in truth. Do not allow them to trigger and provoke you into impulsive reactivity. Do not create a single new misery for yourself.

✨7.) Breathe. Spend time in nature. Connect to the elements and the cosmos. 💜

✨8.) Simplify your life. Unclutter your inner and outer space. Detach from all that is unnecessary or weighing you down. Papers, people, places, concepts, stories and situations. 🌊

✨9.) Self-care well. Listen to your intuition. And take one step at a time.

Global Lockdown – Humanity’s Opportunity to Awaken to the Reality of Soul and Spirit

Here is a spontaneous conversation I just had with my professor for Clinical Hypnosis, Dr. Yogesh Choudhary. He is 70+ and has a wealth of wisdom to share. We talk about the global lockdown, its opportunities, dangers and damages, about life, death, love, Earth as well as energetic and spiritual aspects in the current context.

Topics covered:– state of humanity & Earth – material vs spiritual aspects of life– greed & consumerism – lethargy & restlessness (tamas / rajas) – interferences with nature & dangers of playing god – lockdown as opportunity to look within & realise what is important – awaken to the reality of the soul – free will choice of humans – decision makers & abuse of power – bias & lack of information in msm – the need for introspection – inner voice & intuition – nature might have to resort to bring back order – biggest spiritual event in India 2021 – how to transform fear – power of fear of death – power of love – diseases & energies not conducive to love – today’s anti-spiritual education – when elders don’t display fearlessness, effects on children & society – the subtle body beyond the physical – what remains when you die

Audio recording of our conversation (52 mins.) – best to listen to it with headphones:

“We are giving more importance to the physicality of life. Not the spirituality of life. So if this pandemic was forced upon us by the powers that be, if over a period of time, maybe six months or a year, people can awaken to the reality of the soul, then it will be beneficial. I wish everybody that they awaken. The main thing of this pandemic is that they awaken. The first stage of awakening is, can they somewhere trigger themselves to see that we are meant for more than what we feel we are. It’s much more than that. We are a soul. We’ve got a body, but we’ve got to ascend to a higher dimension than from where we came.” – Dr. Yogesh Choudhary

“Greed is the major energy which has captured nearly 98% of the people. We are in the grip of greed.” – Dr. Yogesh Choudhary

“If the parents are afraid and they are depicting fear in the house, it is going to affect the child. I don‘t know what tendencies we are going to leave behind. The elders don’t display fearlessness. Take precaution but don‘t be so fearful.” – Dr. Yogesh Choudhary

“How do you tune into your inner knowing? How can you trust your own voice? This is also nothing that gets trained in education. So people might feel something is off, but how can they learn to really trust their inner voice and intuition? How can that connection to the true communication channel, which is the higher self or the divine, how can that be established, is another big question.” – Marina

“If we don’t gain momentum of individuals that are woke and really make decisions for the organic way of living, then Earth does not end up in a good space.” – Marina

Transcript of our conversation:

When Someone is Secretly Jealous of You

If we come across someone who harbours envy, competition or even hatred towards us without reason, it can be helpful to know that their emotions usually link back to an abusive childhood. 

A jealous person tends to have experienced prolonged comparisons, loneliness, envy, disdain or criticism at some stage in their formative years (between conception and adolescence), which caused emotional wounding and a distorted sense of self. Classic: narcissistic mother and / or father who are abusive, unattentive and unable to provide loving encouragement to their child. 

Although both parents are important, the mother-daughter dynamics as well as the son-father dynamics are particularly influential. If a mother is jealous of her daughter‘s accomplishments, the child not only becomes confused, but often gives up to secure mum’s approval. It seems easier and perhaps safer for the daughter to do nothing and therefore not expose herself to criticism. A destructive pattern that runs through all her adult life and gets passed on to the next generation, if it remains unhealed.

The son of a narcissistic father tends to get idealised and expected to fullfill his father‘s vision. The son is not seen for who he really is. And he is never able to live up to dad‘s ideal. Therewith has a similarly abusive childhood as the above described daughter: emotional enmeshment and lack of acknowledgement, leading to self-doubts, confusion,  suppressed anger and sadness, shame and insecurity.

12 Signs Someone is Secretly Jealous of You:
1. Sabotages you with their Advice
2. Subtle Rivalry
3. Imitates you in some way
4. Steals your ideas / opportunities
5. Deceptive Compliments  
6. Rarely admires you with Sincerity
7. Ignores your Creative Output 
8. Embarrasses you in front of others
9. Incoherent Responsiveness 
10. Starts / spreads Rumours 
11. Dislikes you for No Reason
12. Will make you feel Inferior

So while the person who displays jealousy towards you is surely in need healing (above all inner child integration and a spiritual practice that facilitates self-awareness), it is not your job to fix him or her. 

Just stay kind, inspire healing and move on.

Melt Emotional Charge & Autopilot Reactivity

When people, things or situations trigger us, and this means we get emotionally explosive or numb – e.g. irritated, upset, angry, jealous, helpless, guilty, quiet and withdrawn, overpleasing, stroppy or sulk – it is a sign for wounds that are hidden within us and that we have been carrying for a long time since our childhood and formative years, and most likely even as past life carry-overs.
Every emotional charge or psychological check-out is a signal that tells us we have a fragmentation or blockage in our system. And our fight, flight, freeze or fawn reaction is an old compensation strategy to cover up the original pain and shock.
But every autopilot reactivity is also an invitation to heal. Each emotional trigger offers an opportunity to go to the actual root cause, and transform and find closure with the topic or trauma at hand. It just requires our willingness to selfresponsibly face our icky feelings and long forgotten burried deep grief.
A clear confirmation for a successful, permanent healing within us is this: if we come across a familiar old trigger and stay calm – remain physically, biochemically, emotionally and mentally neutral. When we have ‚miraculously‘ shifted from unconscious reacting to conscious responding, or just remain in serene observation.
In this day and age, no one is free from trauma, misunderstandings, limited identifications and suboptimal manifestations. Parents, ancestors and authorities, society and collective imprints are key influencers and confusers in our lives. And the implications are huge, for each person, as well as society at large.
This means, for people to live peacefully and harmoniously with each other on this planet, every individual is required to face themselves, do their inner homework.
There is no way around our own individual introspection, inner clearing and maintenance work because nobody can do it for another. Each one is their own healer and master. In fact, the path of yoga is about the union with our real selves, spiritual selves. It is about a our committed search for truth, our courage to uncover all false programmes in us, rejecting all distractions around us and remaining uncorruptable.
Regular stillness meditation to calm the nervous system down and increase self-awareness, holistic soul healing and energetic alignment, integrative bodywork as well as comprehensive detox (body, home, relationships), wholesome sattvic food and time in nature have proven to be a very effective combination to dissolve emotional trauma imprints and autopilot reactivity permanently.

image @emotionless

10 Truly Important Questions…

These questions will become more and more relevant in the months ahead, IF you value your sovereignty, self-empowerment – and in the end also your integrity.

1_Do you know how to start a fire without fuel and keep your house warm without a radiator?

2_Do you know how to collect and filter water found in nature?

3_Do you know the seasons for harvesting and when to sow seeds for vegetables, herbs, wheat and fruit?

4_Do you know how to cook and have light in the house when there is no electricity?

5_Do you know how to wash clothes without a washing machine?

6_Do you know how to move and transport things when there are no motorised vehicles and fuel?

7_Do you know how to communicate with your loved ones and other people when you don’t have your mobile phone, laptop and internet?

8_Do you know how to heal when you don’t have access to a doctor?

9_Do you know your inherent skills and gifts, do you know who you are when you have no equipment, just your bare hands, heart, mind, energy and consciousness?

10_Do you know how to live naturally, organically and in sync with planet Earth and the cosmos?

And suddenly it’s Autumn

Suddenly it’s autumn.

And you may realise that nobody is going to give you back the time and space when you were locked-down and quarantined. Six months and almost three seasons are gone.

You may have sat at home shocked and puzzled, frozen, or fawning to what the TV kept announcing.

You may have started a quest for truth and due diligence – researching and learning about your body, immune system, politics, economy, pharma and media influences.

You may have used the unexpected confinement to shift your focus from the outside world to your inner world. Went inside and explored the freedom you have within. Gaining new self-awareness and insights. Similar to a seed that rests in the deeper soil until it germinates, and fresh growth begins. Potential for a tree, a flower, fruit or blade of grass.

As the water streams down the riverbed and can not be seen and touched again, so have those months passed by for good. There is no returning back to what was. You can only continue living from where you are now.

And where are you in your life right now?

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