Notre-Dame Fire: Alchemy & Transitions

Today, when I got the news about the fire in Paris, I stayed surprisingly calm. Like a neutral observer. International Media painted a rather dramatic picture. Which to me did not feel aligned with the truth. Yes, from rational perspective, and people might also have emotional attachments, it is a pity to have lost this piece of architecture, or parts of it. But ENERGETICALLY, what is happening is a potent shift on the planet. And it is symbolic for the phase out of patriarchal, corrupt powers and undue occupations. 

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Behind the Scenes

Our house here in India turned spontaneously into a film location for the production of an advertising spot. And what a refreshing experience it was! It also felt as if my past role as design director was catching up with me. This time, not in a creative role though, but as host, which was rather delightful. 

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Brain Surgery at Mount Arunachala

This week I had surgery, etheric surgery that is, in Virupaksha Cave on Mount Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai (South Indian state of Tamil Nadu). The natural rock cave is a legendary place where for example Ramana Maharshi stayed several years for self-enquiry and meditation. But before I get into details, let me share a few insights about Arunachala.

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Shakti Power at our Neighbour Temple

This is a beautiful example of a small temple in our neighbourhood in the Himalayan foothills, that is fully integrated in people’s life (Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, in India). Here some snapshots and videos of local women celebrating – a daylong joyful get together, including praying / chanting / dancing/ food- and flower offerings to Devi. Honouring the inner and outer goddess.

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New Paradigms

The following 9 messages just came through. You may connect, feel, assimilate them:

Ignore darkness and disalignment in someone, and focus in a diamond sharp manner straight on their true beingness, their divine delightful core. Rise beyond your mind, ego and painbody constructs. Live and Be your higher self, fully. And connect unwaveringly to the higher self in others.

Stop interpreting negatively, stop fearing and doubting. E.g. stop questioning the love and loyalty of the people close to you.

Don’t even respond to others’ darkness. Don’t waste energy. Hold awareness, discernment and love, but above all, equanimity in the face of their destructive overlays and ignorance. Continue reading