Therapeutic Bodywork

Whether you have a stressful job, are in the middle of a yoga teacher training, do intense inner process work or just want a rejuvenating break, the holistic massage therapists in my team can soothe away your aches and tensions. A session can be an invigorating wellness treatment but also healing support for your body-mind-soul-spirit alignment. 

The skilled and dedicated massage therapists are Joanna for female clients and Sohan for male clients.

Sohan is the therapist for men. He is based in India, but also travels internationally. He has healing hands and offers holistic Massage Therapy for detoxifying, relaxing or re-energising your body, mind and spirit. If required, he integrates techniques from Ayurveda and Marma therapy.
  • 60 minutes Holistic Massage
  • 90 minutes Holistic Massage & Reflexology
  • 120 minutes Intuitive Bodywork (incl. holistic massage, reflexology, energy alignment and meditation elements)

Traditionally in India, but also more and more in Western countries, the most natural choice for men is to book a male massage therapist (and for women to book a female therapist). The reasons are simple: to avoid potential awkwardness and to have a stronger hand for a more muscular male body. A male therapist will also know some things about the man’s body system (and vice versa, the female therapist would be more knowledgable about the woman’s body). Furthermore, a male viewpoint can be invaluable, especially when during massage therapy one or the other emotional charge gets released, and counselling or healthcare is needed. The male client/male therapist constellation develops their very own dynamics of trust and understanding, which support the physical harmonisation process. Equally does the female client/female therapist case create a special vortex of healing.

India born Sohan has a background as entrepreneur (travel and hospitality sector) and yoga teacher (registered with Yoga Alliance U.S.). He is a certified holistic Massage Therapist who integrates Ayurveda- and Marma- techniques and has experience with international clients. He is married and speaks English and Hindi.

male therapist

Joanna, the female massage therapist, works with women. She has a holistic approach and international experience too, and speaks English and Polish.