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Near Death Experience (NDE)

I was in my early teenage years. One evening I was brought to the emergency unit of University Clinic Hamburg, Germany. Hours later, I stepped out of the doctor’s practice room, walked through the reception area towards the exit, supported by my mother who held my arm. It was probably midnight. I felt worn out and exhausted by pain, and asked her to stop. I had reached a point where I felt numb and unable to move any further. I closed my eyes. Continue reading

Bidding farewell – coping with the loss of a parent

A short while ago my father left his body. In the following article I would like to share my experience of saying good-bye to him. May it help the reader in similar circumstances.

The forces that can be active during the time of death of a loved one and in the sudden new life situation are indescribable. The mind can hardly grasp the dimensions at work. The confrontation with the finitude of bodily life certainly “does something” to those left behind. It’s a multi-dimensional event. At least this is, how I perceive it. Continue reading