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A truly healthy Terrain for lasting Vitality

The medicine that allopathic doctors in India give people to prevent infection: Ivermectin (antiparasitic properties), Azithromycin (antibiotic to prevent / treat bacterial infections),Doxycycline (antibiotic), Levocetirizine (antihistamine to reduce allergic reactions) as well as Zinc, Aspirin, Lactic Acid Bacillus.

Similar protocols exist in the West.

This bombardment of the body with fast food medicine and heavy duty drugs is shortsighted.

There are natural, potent yet gentle alternatives. Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Oils, Micronutrients and many more.

Most important: include emotional and energetic detox and healing, with lots of awareness, kindness, care and love for Self!

This is the way to create a truly healthy terrain for lasting vitality.

Death is not the Issue

We will all die, with or without virus, with or without medicine. Death is guaranteed and not the issue. But how do we look at death that is what matters. And how free we are when shedding this body. While we take precautions to maintain our health in these times of global upheaval, paranoia does not serve. Fear is to be nipped in the bud, or if it spins on a loop properly transformed. Mind you, love n light over-optimism is a distortion too.

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Available again: 10 Days 1:1 Intensive Course | Soul Nourishment from the Goddess Field


What is brilliant and really awesome about the many Indian gods and goddesses: that they present the various cosmic influences, healing arts and creative powers. This means, they are not at all representatives of a particular religion, but rather meaningful figures with inspiring stories which remind us of our ability to embody divine qualities ourselves, and that we ourselves are beings of divine origin. 

Are you already in touch with your body consciousness, soul and spirit? Then read on! Because now you have the opportunity to involve the beautiful goddess Saraswati, one of the most prominent goddesses in the Indian pantheon, as your sacred accomplice and supporter of your worldly affairs.

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Part 4: Kumbh Mela 2021 | First Royal Bath

Visiting the Kumbh Mela this time, during Maha Shivaratri, was a historical experience for me. I had the opportunity to participate in the First Royal Bath (Shahi Snan). An important sacred ceremony that traditionally allows only the saints and saddhus of the Akhadas (monastic academies for renunciates). I was privileged to join as guest of Shri Maa Satigiri, Mahamandaleshwar of the Niranjani Akhada. And what an exhilarating event it was!

At 5 am I could hear and see from my hotelroom how the city had already woken up. Melodious morning mantras and temple bells echoed from all directions, and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims were flocking to the central banks of Ganga.

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Part 3: Kumbh Mela 2021 | Me & the Royal Parade

I received an invitation from a saint and rare embodiment of the divine mother, Shri Maa Adidhakti. She invited me to join her in Haridwar during the Peshwai, Kumbh Mela’s royal procession. My first Peshwai visit, and I was delighted about this privilege and rare opportunity to experience it alongside an insider. I had no idea what surprise I was in for though.

I thought we would meet, walk together with her devotees to a designated location on the banks of Ganga and take an auspicious dip in the river. Little did I know, that I would sit on a spectacular carriage and be part of a flamboyant public street parade…

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Part 2: Kumbh Mela ’21 is on | Ganga Dip at New Moon

Although I live with my family just an hour‘s drive away from Haridwar, I wanted to stay overnight this time, during the auspicious Mauna Amavasya (no moon day in the Magha month, January / February, and the last Amavasya before Mahashivratri). It is a favourable day to take a dip in Ganga, a bath that is called “Mauni Amavasya Snan”…

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Greatest spiritual event on Earth has begun: Kumbh Mela

The greatest religious-spiritual event on Earth has started last month: the Kumbh Mela. Located in Haridwar, North India, around 700,000 visitors gathered on the opening day, 14 January 2021. I went there a few days after the kick off, and will go again soon.

In India, every twelve years, millions of saints, sadhus, spiritual seers, seekers and Hindu devotees meet at either one of the four designated sacred sites of Prayag in Allahabad, Nashik, Ujjain or Haridwar, along the banks of the holy rivers of India, as part of the traditional gathering of the Kumbh Mela.

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Don’t fall for Future Fakers

Good time to do a reality check. To stop focusing on the potential of society, politics or the world, and instead look at what is. The following three examples illustrate how people can be put under the spell of “future faking” and made to believe in “salvation”. The spell casting can happen when charismatic individuals or parties make promises of a better future. But these visions of the future have two things in common. 1. they never manifest and 2. they keep people hooked, hopeful, waiting and disempowered.

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Divine Sweets for Earth!

divine sweets for earth

Friends, we live in times of upheaval and what is currently unfolding on the planet will change society profoundly. Whether you feel anxious and powerless, or calm and collected, the following transmission / meditation is meant to provide you with an extra boost of empowerment and encouragement. “Divine Sweets” will melt in your multidimensional bodyfield and therewith dissolve which does not serve you anymore, help you to re-member what needs integration and activate your still dormant strengths. You can also help others, just read on…

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What now…? …

…as the “agenda” is obviously getting rolled out as planned?

✨1.) Let’s stay calm and in the present moment, but let’s also stay informed to make optimal choices.

✨2.) Practice self-mastery and neutralise all emotional charge and discomfort in the light of loving awareness and equanimity.

✨3.) Invoke divine order and the optimal timeline for natural, original, joy- and soulful conscious living. 💎

✨4.) Let’s continue with our spiritual practice / sadhana and create spiritual warmth within and around us. Alchemising powers united! 🔥

✨5.) Connect to supreme source directly, without any mediators. You are buddha, an awakened one. Buddha is not a name, it’s a quality of an individual.

✨6.) Do not waste any energy on people who are not interested in truth. Do not allow them to trigger and provoke you into impulsive reactivity. Do not create a single new misery for yourself.

✨7.) Breathe. Spend time in nature. Connect to the elements and the cosmos. 💜

✨8.) Simplify your life. Unclutter your inner and outer space. Detach from all that is unnecessary or weighing you down. Papers, people, places, concepts, stories and situations. 🌊

✨9.) Self-care well. Listen to your intuition. And take one step at a time.