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10 Truly Important Questions…

These questions will become more and more relevant in the months ahead, IF you value your sovereignty, self-empowerment – and in the end also your integrity.

1_Do you know how to start a fire without fuel and keep your house warm without a radiator?

2_Do you know how to collect and filter water found in nature?

3_Do you know the seasons for harvesting and when to sow seeds for vegetables, herbs, wheat and fruit?

4_Do you know how to cook and have light in the house when there is no electricity?

5_Do you know how to wash clothes without a washing machine?

6_Do you know how to move and transport things when there are no motorised vehicles and fuel?

7_Do you know how to communicate with your loved ones and other people when you don’t have your mobile phone, laptop and internet?

8_Do you know how to heal when you don’t have access to a doctor?

9_Do you know your inherent skills and gifts, do you know who you are when you have no equipment, just your bare hands, heart, mind, energy and consciousness?

10_Do you know how to live naturally, organically and in sync with planet Earth and the cosmos?

And suddenly it’s Autumn

Suddenly it’s autumn.

And you may realise that nobody is going to give you back the time and space when you were locked-down and quarantined. Six months and almost three seasons are gone.

You may have sat at home shocked and puzzled, frozen, or fawning to what the TV kept announcing.

You may have started a quest for truth and due diligence – researching and learning about your body, immune system, politics, economy, pharma and media influences.

You may have used the unexpected confinement to shift your focus from the outside world to your inner world. Went inside and explored the freedom you have within. Gaining new self-awareness and insights. Similar to a seed that rests in the deeper soil until it germinates, and fresh growth begins. Potential for a tree, a flower, fruit or blade of grass.

As the water streams down the riverbed and can not be seen and touched again, so have those months passed by for good. There is no returning back to what was. You can only continue living from where you are now.

And where are you in your life right now?

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Healthy people do not need…

tp“so-called toilet paper is an acquisition for sick humanity” – Louis Kuehne

“.. the entire human body is a united whole, so that sickness in one part must have an influence on the other parts. (…) A body can therefore be healthy only when all its parts are in their normal condition and perform their work without pain, pressure or tension. (…) Good digestion is a sign of good health, and when it continues in perfect operation day after day, the body is undoubtedly quite healthy. (…) Pardon my further elucidating this delicate matter,

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Ladies and Gentlemen, heal!

As it is unfolding now, and it can be witnessed everywhere, men and women have started to re-member their original essence, reactivate their codes and balance their masculine / feminine aspects, heal their bodies and souls, revise their perceptions about themselves and life, and step out of concepts and conventions. Continue reading

So much Yoga, so little Samadhi

In The Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali introduces a systematic path to (re-)gain higher consciousness. This has since been called Raja Yoga or the Royal Path, with techniques and lifestyle guidelines to awaken the individual to its true self. 

Patanjali provides a set of instructions known as the Eight Limbs of Yoga, to lead the practitioner to the ultimate state of freedom, liberation and self-awareness – in short, to Samadhi. Or enlightenment.

Recently someone asked: Nowadays, millions walk the path of Yoga, why only a few reach Samadhi and Kaivalya?  Continue reading

Spiritual Tiptoeing

It is interesting to observe “spiritual tiptoeing“ in some individuals. They excuse ignorant behaviour of others, avoid confrontation at all cost, and are extremely accommodating and empathic. Per se there is nothing wrong with empathy, but I can‘t help but notice the tendency in spiritualists to avoid calling a spade a spade, avoid judging someone‘s wrong actions and avoid asserting healthy boundaries.

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Good Fighters need to be good Dancers

“Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance.” – Confucius

How someone is conceived, carried, birthed and brought up effects their entire life.

Every traumatic experience in those significant formative years leaves deep imprints in the individual’s psyche, body memory and soul – therewith injuring their connection with themselves and the cosmos, preventing and (self-) sabotaging healthy beliefs, clear perception and harmonious behaviours. Continue reading

No time to lose

It is time to stop beating around the bush, pretending that all will be well, glorious and golden on this planet soon. When in reality, hardly anybody is willing to courageously face own shadows, blind spots, fear filters, dependencies and relationship dysfunctions.

99% of humans are deeply fragmented and covered on soul level. Their perception of themselves and the world around them is therefore distorted. And most won’t even be aware of it. Continue reading