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Energy Practice: Q&A

Here is a collection of 10 questions and answers related to my work. This post summarises recent correspondences with some clients, and hopefully provides helpful information to therapists and those who are involved in awareness processes.

What is the main objective of the inner clearing work?

The goal is to awaken a consciousness that allows us to let go of what we are not (like limiting beliefs and imprints), and to retrieve what belongs to us (parts of ourselves that strengthen us). The work is about an inner reconciliation and pacification (completion) in order to embody our authentic life- and love-potency with full awareness. 

Has it happened that Readings for clients did not go so well? For example, something could not be solved because other things had to be done first?

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Manifesting Health

My meditation session early this morning turned into a spontaneous Q&A. A simple question popped up: How is it possible to manifest perfect (physical) health? The answer was also simple. Simple, but usually not so easy to implement. Find below the transcript of the spontaneous audio recording. 

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How energies determine our behaviour

Experience in the field of personal transformation and inner process work shows that every phenomenon, every system and every behaviour is related to energy. Every emotion or feeling is an energy and in a state of higher consciousness the specific characteristics, origins and missions of energies can be revealed. In particular, unpleasant heavy, dark ones can teach us a lot. If we are open to it.

Good news is that you can convert (transmute) twisted emotions and energies that interfere with your health, your behaviour, perception, well, your whole life. And in fact, dissolving energy blockages or emotional charge is essential for being able to connect with your true self and infinite being that you are. Continue reading