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Travelling Tibet: 2nd visit Manasarovar

Full Moon, August 2018 at Mount Kailash. We have finished the Kora (three days circumambulation of Kailash) and return to Lake Manasarovar (4590m / 15,060ft), where we are going to stay the coming night. It is midday and I feel infinitely blessed to be able to spend more time in the powerspot which not only brought me to my knees a few days back but above all, deeply touched my heart. The lake felt like my gateway to my soul family and cosmic source. There was an instant recognition and a re-memberance that was positively earth-shattering. And it nourished each and every fibre of my beingness with unconditional love.  

A couple of years before I had seen in meditation that my soul family was located higher-dimensionally above Tibet near Mount Kailash. Or to be more precise, I was shown this location for ‘easier’ access, as of course, I can contact them from anywhere. I had scanned Earth specifically for the best access point to my crowd and I was taken straight away towards that high frequency region in Tibet. Interesting, as Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are often described as Earth’s crown chakra or 7th Stargate and cosmic airport respectively. Continue reading

Stargate Kailash: Kora Day 1/3

I am in Tibet. With a group of 11 people from different countries. We are heading towards the enigmatic Mount Kailash (6638m / 21,778ft) and Lake Manasarovar (4590m / 15,060ft). It is the 12th day of my pilgrimage which began in Lhasa, coming from Kathmandu / Nepal and Delhi / India. 

August 2018, just before full moon. We’re in the town of Darchen (4575m / 15,010ft), South of Mount Kailash, where we got our accomodation for the night. Having enjoyed the beautiful peach-coloured sunset in front of the guesthouse, I begin now to prepare everything needed for the next day, the first day of our Kailash Kora (3-days circumambulation of the sacred mountain).

I have already written about my visit of Lake Manasarovar, ‘Travelling Tibet: My Manasarovar‘. This post now is about the actual Kailash trek…

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Brain Surgery at Mount Arunachala

This week I had surgery, etheric surgery that is, in Virupaksha Cave on Mount Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai (South Indian state of Tamil Nadu). The natural rock cave is a legendary place where for example Ramana Maharshi stayed several years for self-enquiry and meditation. But before I get into details, let me share a few insights about Arunachala.

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New Paradigms

new-earth-potentialThe following 9 messages just came through. You may connect, feel, assimilate them:

Ignore darkness and disalignment in someone, and focus in a diamond sharp manner straight on their true beingness, their divine delightful core. Rise beyond your mind, ego and painbody constructs. Live and Be your higher self, fully. And connect unwaveringly to the higher self in others.

Stop interpreting negatively, stop fearing and doubting. E.g. stop questioning the love and loyalty of the people close to you.

Don’t even respond to others’ darkness. Don’t waste energy. Hold awareness, discernment and love, but above all, equanimity in the face of their destructive overlays and ignorance. Continue reading

Travelling Tibet: My Manasarovar

„You have fifteen minutes! Then we‘ll continue our drive.“, our guide tells us when we stop by the roadside at Lake Manasarovar. „Yeah, right.“, I think and step out of the bus.

August 2018, shortly before the full moon. Driving from Lhasa westwards across Tibet, we have covered more than 1200 km over the past days. Our group of eleven plus guide plus driver is heading towards Mount Kailash (6638m / 21,778ft) and the plan is to spend more time at Lake Manasarovar (4590m / 15,060ft) after the Kailash trek, not before. For me though, this moment now is crucial, and sacred. Continue reading

Where is God?

Where is God? How can I connect with the Divine?
And what is the point in connecting anyway?

These questions are not about a white-bearded father figure who towers high above the clouds, but about the subtle force that is greater than every thing and which doesn‘t fit into the parameters of human logic and physical mechanics. The benevolent and powerful intelligence in the universe, which you may suspect exists, or which you may already know and are guided by in your life. We can call it also pure (or divine) consciousness.

The thing is that our connection with supreme source is a normal state of being. It is our inherent birthright. That it is forgotten, doubted and questioned, or seen and sold as something special, just shows how misguided humans are.

Most people live within a fog of limiting beliefs and concepts, based on ancestral, social and religious conditioning, which rule out the possibility of having a divine connection with ease and grace. In addition to this, a numbed nervous system due to an unhealthy lifestyle and lifefocus adds to the dilemma of feeling disconnected. And when the ability to perceive supreme source is blocked, naturally most people doubt its existence (let alone recognise that ‘god’ is in everything and everyone!). Apart from not knowing how to re-activate and finetune their inner perception antennae, they do not even consider it. Continue reading

A Clean Slate – Tabula rasa

In this post I stick again to my own experience, do not quote other sources or generalise my insights as valid truths for other beings. Therefore I won’t begin with ‘we’, but ‘me’.

Over the years I have learned that I am much more than what my rational mind and five senses try to make me belief. The intellect is helpful as a tool to plan, organise, finetune and implement ideas, but every time I re-member aspects of my soul and spirit, and the vastness of existence, a set of rather different antennae of perception is in charge. To give you an example (natural / unaided meditation):

Outside the Universe: The below image is my digital sketch of what I got to see during a meditation, several years ago: I am in a realm that feels like the edge of the Universe. I enter a vacuum-like space – empty yet in terms of consciousness it is ‘pure potentiality’ – and from there I move towards the rim of a funnel-like shape. Looking from that edge into the funnel I see a huge deep space opening in which I find the entire Universe with galaxies and star systems. Upon diving in and focusing closer, I see planets and also Earth, but only as super-tiny far-away dots.
From the vast infinite stillness outside the Universe happens a swift shift and suddenly I am in my bone fibres. Suddenly my awareness travels through them as if they were colonnades or a promenade.
Getting stretched between macro and micro, and being held within a frequency that allows those extremes is on the challenging side for the physical body. Breathing is difficult. Body feels inadequate, too small and dense.
Accepting and holding this space and the contrasts, eventually leads me to an inner state of void, yet it felt as if the Universe, the entire Existence, is in my heart. Like pure infinity and potentiality in me. And me in it.”


I would also like to share an episode from a comprehensive experience in unity consciousness (a decade ago). The inner pictures I received were breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly clear and powerful. I bathed in feelings of unlimited reason-less  joy, love and witnessed the non-stop flow of creativity. It felt like roaming existence on the wings of pure consciousness. I remember how I observed the inner revelation and unfoldment in awe and open mouthed. And then, after this trance-like state, it was really hard to endure the lack of adequate media for expressing what I had discovered. No language, no sound, no picture could convey my experience.

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