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Consequences for Copycats

People’s inhibition threshold to copy something from others and pass it on as own achievement seems to have fallen dramatically. More than ever before, ideas, information and initiatives get copied, remixed and reissued (often blatantly so). This is certainly due to instant availability and circulation through digital media. But lack of own efforts and the lack of recognition of the person who created the original content, reflects also absence of respect, gratitude and fairness. The road of good intentions is often paved with misunderstandings. And it’s possible that there is simply a widespread lack of awareness of the consequences for a copycat. While in academia, theft of intellectual property and plagiarism are illegal, cloning in the field of spirituality even comes with certain dangers for one’s personal development.

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Including the German Heart

Do we Germans live, but do we live as heirs of the National Socialism? In spite of all our years of inner healing work, is our doing or being still not sufficient to counterbalance what happened and to keep our family tree alive? Are we – the now 35-, 40- and 50-year-olds – still part of the genocide even if we do live, because past events were so pervasive and have caused fateful generation-fragmentation and intergenerational burdens and blockages?

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New Paradigms

new-earth-potentialThe following 9 messages just came through. You may connect, feel, assimilate them:

Ignore darkness and disalignment in someone, and focus in a diamond sharp manner straight on their true beingness, their divine delightful core. Rise beyond your mind, ego and painbody constructs. Live and Be your higher self, fully. And connect unwaveringly to the higher self in others.

Stop interpreting negatively, stop fearing and doubting. E.g. stop questioning the love and loyalty of the people close to you.

Don’t even respond to others’ darkness. Don’t waste energy. Hold awareness, discernment and love, but above all, equanimity in the face of their destructive overlays and ignorance. Continue reading

Healing Rivalry amongst Women

Rivalry, envy, gossiping and backstabbing amongst women (teenagers and adults alike) are part of a complex that is in urgent need of healing. I looked into the ‘female betrayal’ phenomenon, and once I recognised the bigger picture and root causes, deep COMPASSION arose. We women really have to consciously let go of competition, and do cooperation instead. While the road to complete integrity might be long, we can always make a new choice NOW. It takes awareness though. Here some key dynamics I found:

In my experience, manipulative and regressive behaviour amongst women can be tracked back to their emotional wounding during childhood. Yes, that is nothing new, and you have probably heard this before through other channels. AND YET, still not many women are willing to review and shed light on their past. Feel it, and therewith heal it. Continue reading

Neutral Observance & Resonance Awareness

Humans tend to instantly react with resistance and judgment if they come across something, or somebody, they do not resonate with. If they do not resonate, they automatically do not like it, or judge it as bad.
Behind this reaction stands the ego. And the ego can shoot really fast and is quickly ready for battle.
But if we just do resonance, resonance awareness, which means just being conscious of what resonates and what does not resonate, we can stay neutral. No need to have an opinion and think in terms of good or bad.

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A Clean Slate – Tabula rasa

In this post I stick again to my own experience, do not quote other sources or generalise my insights as valid truths for other beings. Therefore I won’t begin with ‘we’, but ‘me’.

Over the years I have learned that I am much more than what my rational mind and five senses try to make me belief. The intellect is helpful as a tool to plan, organise, finetune and implement ideas, but every time I re-member aspects of my soul and spirit, and the vastness of existence, a set of rather different antennae of perception is in charge. To give you an example (natural / unaided meditation):

Outside the Universe: The below image is my digital sketch of what I got to see during a meditation, several years ago: I am in a realm that feels like the edge of the Universe. I enter a vacuum-like space – empty yet in terms of consciousness it is ‘pure potentiality’ – and from there I move towards the rim of a funnel-like shape. Looking from that edge into the funnel I see a huge deep space opening in which I find the entire Universe with galaxies and star systems. Upon diving in and focusing closer, I see planets and also Earth, but only as super-tiny far-away dots.
From the vast infinite stillness outside the Universe happens a swift shift and suddenly I am in my bone fibres. Suddenly my awareness travels through them as if they were colonnades or a promenade.
Getting stretched between macro and micro, and being held within a frequency that allows those extremes is on the challenging side for the physical body. Breathing is difficult. Body feels inadequate, too small and dense.
Accepting and holding this space and the contrasts, eventually leads me to an inner state of void, yet it felt as if the Universe, the entire Existence, is in my heart. Like pure infinity and potentiality in me. And me in it.”


I would also like to share an episode from a comprehensive experience in unity consciousness (a decade ago). The inner pictures I received were breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly clear and powerful. I bathed in feelings of unlimited reason-less  joy, love and witnessed the non-stop flow of creativity. It felt like roaming existence on the wings of pure consciousness. I remember how I observed the inner revelation and unfoldment in awe and open mouthed. And then, after this trance-like state, it was really hard to endure the lack of adequate media for expressing what I had discovered. No language, no sound, no picture could convey my experience.

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