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Soul Fragmentation: Explanation in Simple Words

We are often unaware of the emotional wounds and unhealed shock experiences that we carry. Nevertheless they have an influence on our lives. These unsettling and painful events we went through are stored in our body systems and repeat themselves in this life, or from one life to another. So again and again, we are further entangled with them as we keep on attracting what is imprinted in our energy system, our subconscious mind.

For example, split-off soul parts due to childhood trauma have a massive influence on our behaviour as adult. The stage on which our fragmentations show up is usually the relationship with our life partner. We experience an emotional roller coaster, a dance on the volcano – alternating between fiery and frosty. Continue reading

Energetic Freedom after Spiritual Abuse

Have you experienced abuse by a guru, yoga teacher or tantrik? Have you experienced their subtle seduction and psychic entanglement techniques, and black magic? You are not alone. Spiritual abuse is a phenomenon that is not new, but it is only recently that seekers and students speak up and discuss this topic more openly.

Do you still feel connected and manipulated by that individual or group, although you have already moved away from the relationship, ashram or community? Then, please consider energetic clearing work. It is a foundation to get your self back on track and includes the release of energetic cords and psychic mind hooks that interfere with your system, divert your attention and siphon your lifeforce.  Continue reading

Healing Rivalry amongst Women

Rivalry, envy, gossiping and backstabbing amongst women (teenagers and adults alike) are part of a complex that is in urgent need of healing. I looked into the ‘female betrayal’ phenomenon, and once I recognised the bigger picture and root causes, deep COMPASSION arose. We women really have to consciously let go of competition, and do cooperation instead. While the road to complete integrity might be long, we can always make a new choice NOW. It takes awareness though. Here some key dynamics I found:

In my experience, manipulative and regressive behaviour amongst women can be tracked back to their emotional wounding during childhood. Yes, that is nothing new, and you have probably heard this before through other channels. AND YET, still not many women are willing to review and shed light on their past. Feel it, and therewith heal it. Continue reading

Neutral Observance & Resonance Awareness

Humans tend to instantly react with resistance and judgment if they come across something, or somebody, they do not resonate with. If they do not resonate, they automatically do not like it, or judge it as bad.
Behind this reaction stands the ego. And the ego can shoot really fast and is quickly ready for battle.
But if we just do resonance, resonance awareness, which means just being conscious of what resonates and what does not resonate, we can stay neutral. No need to have an opinion and think in terms of good or bad.
This way, we can save a lot of energy which we otherwise loose during friction and resistance.
And one way to melt judgmentalness is by shifting our monkey minds’ comments into neutral observer mode: ‘interesting’ or ‘oh’, or silence. 
Helpful to re-member: We can choose what our mind focuses on, and what it blurrs.
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Where is God?

Where is God? How can I connect with the Divine?
And what is the point in connecting anyway?

These questions are not about a white-bearded father figure who towers high above the clouds, but about the subtle force that is greater than every thing and which doesn‘t fit into the parameters of human logic and physical mechanics. The benevolent and powerful intelligence in the universe, which you may suspect exists, or which you may already know and are guided by in your life. We can call it also pure (or divine) consciousness.

The thing is that our connection with supreme source is a normal state of being. It is our inherent birthright. That it is forgotten, doubted and questioned, or seen and sold as something special, just shows how misguided humans are.

Most people live within a fog of limiting beliefs and concepts, based on ancestral, social and religious conditioning, which rule out the possibility of having a divine connection with ease and grace. In addition to this, a numbed nervous system due to an unhealthy lifestyle and lifefocus adds to the dilemma of feeling disconnected. And when the ability to perceive supreme source is blocked, naturally most people doubt its existence (let alone recognise that ‘god’ is in everything and everyone!). Apart from not knowing how to re-activate and finetune their inner perception antennae, they do not even consider it. Continue reading

Beyond Love’nLight Fluff

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It seems that contemporary teachers, esoteric views and new age circles can keep people hooked on what feels pleasant and this often includes avoidance of uncomfortable, dark topics and discouragement from critical thinking as ‚we are all one‘ and ‚larger than our stories‘. And when humans are not given context for spiritual healing, their multidimensional anatomy and invisible realities of consciousness, it is difficult for most people to differentiate between darkness and light, deceit and truth. 

Energy flows where attention goes and ‚love & light‘ are surely optimal energies to focus on. At the same time, denying that dark energies exist is naive. And naivety and denial are counterproductive as they create blind spots. Waking up to love, light and oneness is one thing. Waking up to truth, DISCERNMENT and equanimity is another. Continue reading