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It takes all kinds

I’m travelling and would like to share an episode from a popular spiritual power hub in India, with currently many Western seekers:

Me standing at a counter in a cafe today, paying my breakfast. I had a delicious cinnamon pancake, enjoyed a great view into nature and a lovely conversation with a friend. I feel good. While closing my purse I turn towards the exit, seeing in the corner of my eye an elderly Western woman who just entered and moves behind me. I’m carrying a bigger straw bag on my shoulder and walk towards the staircase leading out, when I suddenly feel a pull on my bag. I turn around to check what’s going on. It’s this lady, who holds my bag and tells me angrily: “Your bag hurts.” My bag apparently brushed her arm while she was walking behind me in the cafe room. I say: “Oh, so sorry if I touched you.” And I walk down the stairs. She shouts after me, rubbing her arm: “You’re bag is hurting!” Me: “Madam, what can I do?” She shouts: “You can apologise!” Me: “I just said sorry, didn’t I?” She: “You said ‘sorry if I touched you’, not ‘sorry for hurting you.’!” I’m quiet, checking: Is she serious? Yes, she is. I can’t help but laughing out loud. Then I say with a calm, yet assertive voice: “Relax. Please relax.”, and walk away. She mumbled something stroppily. Ok, my choice of the word ‘touch’ in the spur of the moment might not have been ideal, but the meaning was clear and my apology was heartfelt.

Do you know such situation, you’re in great spirits or just simply content, when out of nowhere someone shoots at you, in an attempt to dump some energetic goo on you? When someone’s behaviour is completely blown out of proportion in relation to the situation at hand?  Continue reading

New Paradigms

The following 9 messages just came through. You may connect, feel, assimilate them:

Ignore darkness and disalignment in someone, and focus in a diamond sharp manner straight on their true beingness, their divine delightful core. Rise beyond your mind, ego and painbody constructs. Live and Be your higher self, fully. And connect unwaveringly to the higher self in others.

Stop interpreting negatively, stop fearing and doubting. E.g. stop questioning the love and loyalty of the people close to you.

Don’t even respond to others’ darkness. Don’t waste energy. Hold awareness, discernment and love, but above all, equanimity in the face of their destructive overlays and ignorance. Continue reading

Soul Fragmentation: Explanation in Simple Words

We are often unaware of the emotional wounds and unhealed shock experiences that we carry. Nevertheless they have an influence on our lives. These unsettling and painful events we went through are stored in our body systems and repeat themselves in this life, or from one life to another. So again and again, we are further entangled with them as we keep on attracting what is imprinted in our energy system, our subconscious mind.

For example, split-off soul parts due to childhood trauma have a massive influence on our behaviour as adult. The stage on which our fragmentations show up is usually the relationship with our life partner. We experience an emotional roller coaster, a dance on the volcano – alternating between fiery and frosty. Continue reading

Healing Rivalry amongst Women

Rivalry, envy, gossiping and backstabbing amongst women (teenagers and adults alike) are part of a complex that is in urgent need of healing. I looked into the ‘female betrayal’ phenomenon, and once I recognised the bigger picture and root causes, deep COMPASSION arose. We women really have to consciously let go of competition, and do cooperation instead. While the road to complete integrity might be long, we can always make a new choice NOW. It takes awareness though. Here some key dynamics I found:

In my experience, manipulative and regressive behaviour amongst women can be tracked back to their emotional wounding during childhood. Yes, that is nothing new, and you have probably heard this before through other channels. AND YET, still not many women are willing to review and shed light on their past. Feel it, and therewith heal it. Continue reading

Neutral Observance & Resonance Awareness

Humans tend to instantly react with resistance and judgment if they come across something, or somebody, they do not resonate with. If they do not resonate, they automatically do not like it, or judge it as bad.
Behind this reaction stands the ego. And the ego can shoot really fast and is quickly ready for battle.
But if we just do resonance, resonance awareness, which means just being conscious of what resonates and what does not resonate, we can stay neutral. No need to have an opinion and think in terms of good or bad.

Continue reading

Unseen Influence: Negative Guides

While certain visible bacteria and virus infections exist and drain our physial bodies, also invisible destructive occupants can exist, in our energy bodies. Given our era of continuous shifting into higher, finer frequencies, it becomes increasingly clear how many individuals, spiritual teachers, healers, leading personalities and public figures are colonised and not living alone in their body.

What is a negative guide?

A negative guide is a non-physical being that exists in the invisible realms of our multidimensional reality and immerses itself in a living human‘s body system. Such an entity can give special knowledge and / or enhance special skills and powers, which might feed and inflate that human host’s ego. And if the person identifies with a particular ability and starts to own, manipulate and play with it, he or she will loose integrity. Then the „i“ / „me“ or doership becomes important (only I can, I do, I have, I control etc).

A negative guide can be a contact from a past life, an ascended master who loves people with egos or a ‘new recruit’ if someone desires special support on their mission. A negative guide usually hides under the guise or title of a master, guru, god, goddess or rinpoche during one‘s meditation, but has nothing beneficial to offer in the long run, and is more then likely a dark entity masquerading as a spirit guide or saintly voice within a person. Continue reading