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Divine Sweets for Earth!

divine sweets for earth

Friends, we live in times of upheaval and what is currently unfolding on the planet will change society profoundly. Whether you feel anxious and powerless, or calm and collected, the following transmission / meditation is meant to provide you with an extra boost of empowerment and encouragement. “Divine Sweets” will melt in your multidimensional bodyfield and therewith dissolve which does not serve you anymore, help you to re-member what needs integration and activate your still dormant strengths. You can also help others, just read on…

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Crop Circle Mammendorf

image SEBASTIAN BLUMKornkreis Cropcircle mammendorf foto by mwk

Yesterday I went to Mammendorf, a farm village outside Munich (South Germany) to have a look at the crop circle which appeared in the night from Sunday to Monday. It is a beautiful, symmetrical composition with a diameter of about 180m. 

Straight away this mandala-like shape reminded me of the buddhist doublevajra / viśvavajra*: Continue reading