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Stargate Kailash: Kora Day 3/3

Today is a good day to finally share how the last part of the 3-days circumambulation around Mount Kailsh went. Exactly one year ago my Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrimage began: in Kathmandu, with the organisation of the necessary paperwork for our journey to Lhasa. And then from Lhasa we moved westwards through the Tibetan Plateau to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar… Here now Kora Day 3/3.

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Stargate Kailash: Kora Day 2/3

dolma la pass kailashAll energy seems to have left my body over night. Maybe I should have avoided the additional evening climb yesterday? Too late. Today is the second day of our three days Kailash circumambulation and we are facing the toughest part of the entire trek: Dolma La Pass on the North Eastern side of Kailash at an elevation of 5630m / 19500ft (Mount Kailash: 6638m / 21778ft).

We leave the monastery Dirapuk Gompa early in the morning. It is dark outside. Cold and damp. I feel very different to yesterday. Unfortunately worse, not better. I can hardly move, breathe, let alone think. Overnight I totally tensed up. Why? And how to release the tension?  Continue reading

Yoga Tradition in Rishikesh

What’s so special about Rishikesh, and why do people flock here for yoga classes and yoga teacher trainings?

Rishikesh or Hṛṣīkeśa (Sanskrit for god / conqueror of the senses; with hṛṣīka: senses / sentiment and īśa: god) is one of India‘s most ancient, sacred, significant and iconic cities. It is here where since time immemorial yogis and rishis have been doing their tapasya (ascetic spiritual practice for purification and elevation). Tradition asserts that yoga practice as well as a bath in the holy Ganges here, leads closer to salvation (moksha). Hence Rishikesh attracts many pilgrims and visitors each year, from India and all over the world. I even got married in Rishikesh.

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Travelling Tibet: 2nd visit Manasarovar

Full Moon, August 2018 at Mount Kailash. We have finished the Kora (three days circumambulation of Kailash) and return to Lake Manasarovar (4590m / 15,060ft), where we are going to stay the coming night. It is early afternoon and I feel infinitely blessed to be able to spend more time in the powerspot which not only brought me to my knees a few days back but above all, deeply touched my heart. The lake felt like my gateway to my soul family and cosmic source. There was an instant recognition and a re-memberance that was positively earth-shattering. And it nourished each and every fibre of my beingness with unconditional love.  


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Stargate Kailash: Kora Day 1/3

I am in Tibet. With a group of 11 people from different countries. We are heading towards the enigmatic Mount Kailash (6638m / 21,778ft) and Lake Manasarovar (4590m / 15,060ft). It is the 12th day of my pilgrimage which began in Lhasa, coming from Kathmandu / Nepal and Delhi / India. 

August 2018, just before full moon. We’re in the town of Darchen (4575m / 15,010ft), South of Mount Kailash, where we got our accomodation for the night. Having enjoyed the beautiful peach-coloured sunset in front of the guesthouse, I begin now to prepare everything needed for the next day, the first day of our Kailash Kora (3-days circumambulation of the sacred mountain).

I have already written about my visit of Lake Manasarovar, ‘Travelling Tibet: My Manasarovar‘. This post now is about the actual Kailash trek…

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Original Earth Plan: Paradise!

paradise“Why is there so much suffering on Earth? And if there is God, why does ‘he allow’ this?” people tend to wonder. From my perspective, misery in life was certainly never ‘the plan’, yet humans have maneuvered themselves into some sort of dilemma through a series of misunderstandings and suboptimal decisions. But help is at hand if one wants. Yes, it can feel overwhelming to observe ongoing wars, violence, misogyny, depletion of natural resources, cruel dairy / meat industries, gmo food, geo-engineering, radioactive waste in our oceans, g5, dew, transhumanism, biometrics, obligatory vaccinations, increase of mental diseases, misinformation, quantum leakage and what not. And it seems we as individuals cannot do much about it. BUT that’s not true.

Each one of us can foster and nurture a constructive mindset and a high vibrational energy spin which serve to step out of a sense of helplessness and create a positive momentum from which new paths can emerge. Continue reading

Brain Surgery at Mount Arunachala

This week I had surgery, etheric surgery that is, in Virupaksha Cave on Mount Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai (South Indian state of Tamil Nadu). The natural rock cave is a legendary place where for example Ramana Maharshi stayed several years for self-enquiry and meditation. But before I get into details, let me share a few insights about Arunachala.

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