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Brain Surgery at Mount Arunachala

This week I had surgery, etheric surgery that is, in Virupaksha Cave on Mount Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai (South Indian state of Tamil Nadu). The natural rock cave is a legendary place where for example Ramana Maharshi stayed several years for self-enquiry and meditation. But before I get into details, let me share a few insights about Arunachala.

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Beyond 5 Senses: Non-Duality

There is a state of consciousness that is beyond all flavours, undertones and stories. A non-dual, non-polarity position – a pure state of beingness. Recently I remembered four particular experiences where my sense perception entered a kind of zero point field. While in the middle of ‘worldly market places’ I switched to trance like states, yet, I was fully awake and aware.

These episodes, together with what I experienced over the years, kept confirming that the ‘universe’ (or consciousness) has no point of view, no judgements, no preferences. Opinions, beliefs, judgements, likes and dislikes are really only part of human life on this planet. Humans have judgements and all, but existence per se has none of it! Continue reading