Clearings & Alignment

With the intention to contribute to your upliftment and self-healing, I offer my insights and experience as health practitioner, therapist, change agent and mystic.

With ‘therapist’ I imply that I had professional trainings and certifications in certain healing modalities, for my own benefit as well as my clients’. At the same time, I am open to use higher sense perception and the subtle navigation through consciousness which is free of concepts and protocols.

My approach is transpersonal and holistic, which means we look at your situation with respect not only for physical, mental and material aspects of the human experience but also for the spiritual dimensions of life (= going beyond the person). I do not interfere with what you have learned, but I will ask questions and challenge the status quo of your life.

The methods I utilise are flexible enough to allow continuous upgrades and an adaption to your unique requirements. They are not copied or just theoretically studied, but based on my own experience, and have proven effective to facilitate lasting changes and improvements.  

The tools and modalities for your sessions with me get synchronised according to your situation. This may includeadvanced modalities from Clinical Hypnosis (e.g. past life regression, talking to the subconscious), Family Constellation, Meditation techniques, Soul Retrieval, Energy work and Readings. 

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