Client Feedback

I thank all clients for allowing me to be part of their journey. Each session is unique and gifts valuable puzzle pieces for understanding more about life and existence.

Here some of the feedback I received: 

Many thanks for this lovely and creative healing process; also for support me in this journey of quite special revelations! There is no words to express my sincere gratitude during all this journey. Much light and warm regards!
A.G., Mexico

Living a super light life, after the remote clearing of our house from A Divine Space. I would recommend everyone I know about the remote clearing, as we in our daily lives don’t know what’s living with us. There is no agitation , anxiety and drama in our house from 3 days, and we are getting good news from everywhere, of course it can be coincidence, but we believe that it’s because of the house energy clearing. I am in a Indian family, where we do puja every day, this house clearing was a very new thing, but it has given each one of us a very optimistic approach so quickly. It’s very simple and very effective. A must thing to feel light during this corona outbreak. Highly recommended.
N.S., India

i am feeling much better than before, much relaxed in my being. i have no words to describe. i have cleared 3 years spiritual practices in one day. i mean it was a big understanding for me and turning point back to myself. You opened up to me to all different dimension that i have imagined a guru can do. 
i am more aligned and in tune with my true-self. now it’s much easier to differentiate what is healthy for my being and choose the right way and more exciting part, more easy to overcome situations without getting crazy. yes i am still working, the process is going on, but my awareness got changed to completely different place. i used to look outside. now i understand what it means inside work and I really appreciate your work, time, love, energy, everything that you are doing to bring awareness to whoever is ready to receive. thank you so much with all my heart. 
K.D., Armenia

Marina – I can’t express how much of a pleasure it was working with you. I feel like parts of me are open and full now that haven’t been in so long. I hope this doesn’t fade. I respect and admire what you do. Thank you for your kindness and how gentle you’ve been with me.

thank you so much for this amazing work! really! You know, i feel very uplifted and happy. this place seems brighter and more spacious. i feel more space in my space. just finished listening to all of the 3 soul retrievals! no. 3 i would have never imagined it, not even with all my wild imagination. with all the pain and still fresh memories of those years, that past life connection is way beyond whatever i could have thought of! i want to thank you once again for all this amazing and huge work you have done for me, Marina. Heartfelt thank yous! now the matter is, how can you present this to the world? it is hard to imagine psychologists do this kind of work and process emotions and whatever else with their patients. it seems impossible to learn lessons unless one knows abt reincarnation, lessons to be learned etc and not only to know, but to accept, trust, feel this within. i am so glad my ability to forgive has been ripristinated. oh, and last night i won an astrology book in a fb draw!!! Yes!!! so happy not only for the book itself but for the symbolism of the win.
S.R., Italy

Good morning. I feel very positive. I was thinking how amazing work you did with me.
I like your work and the space you are creating. Is like a safe loving environment to explore. I met healers in the past that sometimes imposing their ideas, is not even that they know better. Their intentions to do healing on others are sometimes not clear.
You are gifted in child integration. I listened to the recording last night again. It is such beautiful guidance. My friend is coming in March. I told her about you also.
You are an inner child guide. I had this image you are like a teacher in play school, gathering all little kids in a meadow. And waiting for mums to come and take them.
J.S., Switzerland

Dear Marina: I feel truly grateful for having the opportunity to meet you and done this. It‘s so powerful and therapeutic. Since the session, I have started feeling fresh and clear without any bound. I’m so grateful for your guidance. The sessions we’ve been through together gave me powerful healing and precious discernments of life. Happy New Year! Full of love and light. 
S.W., Taiwan

Marina, your work is wonderful! The depth of clearing is remarkable. After years of psychotherapy I had almost lost hope to ever rid myself of certain thought patterns and destructive reactions. The aura clearing was a noticeable relief. And now, two months after clearing, I can confirm that my thoughtworld has changed 180 degrees for the better. I feel ‘in order’ and strengthened. I can focus again. Have again joy for life, find joy in little things of everyday life. The three mentoring sessions with you have strengthened my confidence in my own inner voice and soul guidance. With all of my heart, thousand thanks! Speak soon. I’m looking forward to more revelations.
S.W., Germany

I’ve been livin’ some sweet magic over the last few days.
Many emotions came up while listening to the reading and in the following days. I felt a great release and relief, I feel calm and there is an absence of worry and negative thinking. There have also been many coincidences and manifestations.
I feel like the major change has been a realization that I need to work on my ability to accept large quantities of blessings whereas before I was working on receiving blessings but also trying to avoid negative outcomes. Now I must learn to focus on maximizing the positive outcomes. I have been manifesting greater quantities of things big and small and at a much faster pace.
I first wrote you asking to know what I needed to release to move forward with my project using x to empower women. At that time, I was looking at how to be paid part time for contributing to the project while remaining in x. Since then, they have offered me a full-time job in x and bought me tickets and are flying me there to meet next week and I have already found an apartment in walking distance from my future office. There is a x in the same building as our office and many other things I love to do and eat all in walking distance.
An old love contacted me not long before I contacted you and one of the reactions I had to the reading was a huge feeling of love for him. The feeling of love did become sad and panicked at one point and I’m not sure if that is a sign that it is good or bad. I will feel it as it comes and let go trusting that all will be ok. This old love lives 3 hours from my future home.
Thank you so much! 
Bless you and lots of love!
E.H., Italy

Dearest Marina, I do feel a big weight being lifted off my shoulders…if feels that I have got the permission to be happy, to be more aware of myself, whom Ive tended to ignore till now. It was interesting to realise what i wanted to do/ not do or eat/ not eat this weekend rather than only noticing what others want, what would make them happy!!! definitely a shift (…) You’ve brought about a good positive strength in me, that believes in taking care of my ownself….which somehow I had ignored till now.
You’ve been a real friend, not only helped me heal the issues that i am going through but also provide practical insight and support. Its been only a month that I have known you, but the sessions have helped me build up my resilience which was fast depleting, and given me strength to identify the issues and break free.
As far as yesterdays session goes, I had been very anxious since we had discussed about the dark energies day before. As you had sensed in your clearing session, i was very restless, in fact i had a very bad anxiety attack, while in the office, may be you had started my healing session …thats when I sent you the email asking for the report…i was extremely restless at that moment. Interestingly the restlessness went after some time and I felt quite peaceful for the rest of the day and had a peaceful sleep too for the night, without any medication. (…) You’ve been really a big help in helping me break free in many ways and renew my strength and life force. Thank you very much. Love
A.R., India

Many thanks for all the work!
Yesterday evening I wrote into my journal: “Within the past few hours I began feeling more alert and clear, the pressure in the head and jaw has diminished enormously, my body posture is more upright, I feel more like myself, as if my power has returned, I feel self-assured and less anxious. The mind feels more free. Amazing! “
Wow, this was really intense. I listened to the recordings one after the other, and am baffled. Thanks again! Every retrieval was comprehensible, and emotional. I observed what each one did with me and my body. At the end of the baby-retrieval I had to giggle. This was really beautiful. During the child retrieval I felt an extreme pressure on my temples. I also sensed anger and grief. The teenager-retrieval was super intense and I had a very strong grief release. I had totally forgotten most of what happened at that time! I had split that part off indeed. It was really very painful then. The grief is echoing. I am familiar with such strong release-reactions and phenomena from my work with hypnosis and regression, so I understood and could allow everything. I know it is an after effect of the work and that the adjustment can last a few days, and is then followed by a transformation and ease. It is a process.
Every time I listen to the recordings, there is another new learning.

The Vision Quest was a valuable session too! I gained a lot from it. Thank you again.
W.M., Germany

Dear Marina. Words can hardly describe how much your more than 1 hours’ work has touched me. And I first had to be with it in silence.
I could perceive from your side so much empathy, perseverance, focus, and yet so much humility and love for everything that showed up – so much attentiveness -, that alone was overwhelming. Tears were flowing, and I could sense what was taking place on a deep level. In particular, the work with the entity “gray cloud” was carried out by so much wisdom, – not pushing the energy away, but instead looking into its heart and inviting it to transform itself from there. Ingenious.
With all which has shown up, I will be (and be open for the “miracle” that may set in…): in meditation, in prayer, in reconciliation work, in clarifying the relationship with mother and brother. Love sets free… THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
C.W., Germany 

Dear marina, I can‘t thank you enough for the awesome work you have done. I already feel the difference. Will keep coming back to you for any more guidance or healing and also to share my new experiences. Thanks a ton.
I feel so blessed when I communicate with you. You give me an assurance that all is well and is only for my spiritual growth. In the last para, you nailed it, there are some confusions in family life and I am yet to get clarity on which path to take. Love,
P.C., India

Your work is exceptional — the way you have combined / integrated modalities is really impressive. Thank you for your support, Marina.
S.S., India

Since our session I am finding that you helped me unlock the blockages in my feminine. My relationship with my husband is much more harmonious and things are flowing … Thank you. I also feel that I am flowing and emotions are not intense anymore, I am managing to observe and ride the waves. Hugs and much love.
A.B., India

Dear Marina, Thank you for your kind email! I arrived back home this Friday after some traveling. Yes, everything worked out fine in the end. (…) I was super happy that I could contact you and have the reading & clearing. It helped me wake up from the strange inner state I had slipped into in this situation and from which I had difficulty to free myself. It was so interesting as well to feel the immediate shift from one inner state to the other after your clearing. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by happy people and much more western women. While before, I just could not find them. Really interesting. Needs some more reflection now that I am back. Thank you so much for your work and your care! It was immensely important for me at that time. Sending you love from Amsterdam!
C.v.R., Netherlands

Dear Marina, Your sessions are wonderful and beautiful, and very healing. I feel very well and so light. May you help many people on their way.
L.N., Germany 

Dear Marina, wow! I felt the changes already just a few days after your comprehensive clearing! I’m much calmer and it is indeed a lot easier to stay in the present moment. To my surprise I’m not worried anymore, I find it even difficult to remember what I was worried about before. My mind seems exchanged or overhauled. I’m in awe! It’s really as if a new life chapter opened with more peace of mind, but also excitement about new opportunities, that are coming…. there were already interesting coincidences….. I feel as if I’m finally properly connected to the universe. A huge heartfelt THANKS to you. And to the universe. May many people reach you and allow to be helped with this work! Thank you!!
K.J., Germany

Dear Marina, I am extremely thankful to you for clearing the heavy load that I was carrying. First thing I can tell you now itself is I feel Lighter. I feel detached. I am already non -reactive. I am sure your comprehensive clearing is very effective. Let me observe myself and gauge the changes that must be happening now.
Y.K.C., India

Dearest Marina, WOW! And thank you!!!! This is the most amazing experience I’ve had so far with energy healing. What an amazing work you can do! The image u got really conveys what I’ve been feeling all my life and especially in the last 2 yrs about my family. And my inability to let go of such disfunctional ties no matter how hard I tried. And feeling disempowered, guilty and wrong like an helpless little child. So much to say, and I will. But right now I just wanted to thank you and your army for such powerful and beautiful work. I feel really grateful and moved. And possibly sort of more excited, alive and lighter, fresher, a mixture of all of those feelings into one. I went on the balcony after listening to the session, it was sunny and windy and this song from the Stones came into my mind, “she’ s a rainbow” and I felt such lightness, I felt that was me, getting back my colors. Wow!
S.R., Italy 

Dear Marina, thank you so much. Since yesterday I am feeling more calm, more peaceful and I thought you had certainly done the clearing, I was right this evening when I opened my email.
Thank you so much. I am feeling a bit tired but in peace, and confident that there will be solutions given to me from Universe. With love.
V.B., Germany 

Marina is a very skilled and highly intuitive practitioner. She has a gentle and unique way about her that instantly allows you to feel at ease. Here guidance was so valuable to me at a time when I needed help to shift patterns and limiting beliefs. She helped open up insight and healing that has continued to reveal itself over time. I cannot say enough about what a compassionate, special and wise practitioner Marina is. I would return to her regularly if I lived closer and I recommend her services to anyone who might find themselves at a crossroads, who might have life questions or who might simply need guidance through a tough time.
N.R., Canada 

Thank you. So vital to my growth. Your work through god is a true blessing. I will respond with a review when I get a chance. :::::: Hypnotherapy helped me heal and cleanse past emotional disturbances that were hiding deep within my being. Everyday life and even meditative practices were not enough to calm my beliefs and fears and connect me into my subconscious where I was storing all this trauma. Marina’s voice, space, and technique put me in such a relaxed state, with her guidance I was able to process emotions and heal resentments rooted deep within me. It was a very powerful and therapeutic experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, is experiencing difficulty coming to terms with past emotional traumas.
A.N., USA 

Marina, Thank you so much. Your sessions are amazing and you are gifted.
B.B., India

Hypnotherapy was a whole new experience for me. In contrast to other healing methods known to me, the solution and the way there do not come from the therapist, but from one’s own self. A healing and change within me took place in two sessions. During my first hypnotherapy appointment several blockages showed up in the abdomen and head, which I could solve myself under guidance from Marina. In the second session, I got to see inner pictures from past lives, which presented a clear explanation for today’s problems, which we then solved. After the two meetings, much inner tension has dissolved. I was able to forgive and let go of people who let me down. Insomnia, that plagued me for years, has gone immediately after the first session. These days I feel more centred and balanced, and see my life with gratitude and “new eyes”.
T.H., Germany 

Dear Marina, Extremely, extremely, extremely grateful for today. Totally amazing… Thanks a ton.
A.M., India 

Awesome. Just awesome. More people should get to know about your classes and come.
A.G., India 

For almost 20 years, Marina and I have been accompanying each other on our journey through life. Marina has my full respect for the steps she has taken (…). I trust her completely – and so I placed myself into her hands for a treatment. I have opened myself for something which until today I can not grasp with my mind… I can only say what I felt and still feel: this indescribable tender, yet powerful connection of my being with the universal creative power – with God. I have seen inner pictures, which give me confidence. I feel involved in the unimaginable great plan of creation. By the way, almost every day I am amazed that the frequent headaches I had over decades have gone.
H.E., Germany

(…) I felt as if my whole body was cleansed internally. Since then I have noted that something happened to the described physical problem (…) and I have the feeling it’s been “blown away”, it’s just gone. Since then I also feel charged with more energy… – I do not get weak and tired as quickly as before. Thank you again.
C.K., Germany

Dear Marina! I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the beautiful meditation on Friday. I am glad to come back again. I came with D. and was very pleasantly surprised, because I have been working with Buddhist meditation for more than 8 years and one always has the feeling of being a perpetual beginner. I am very happy – you can not describe the indescribable. Thank you. Lots of love.
I.S., Germany

Dear Marina, I am very grateful to know you, it is so wonderful to do the meditation together. I am very lucky and thank you very much for being here in Munich.
V.B., Germany

It was a wonderful experience yesterday. I enjoyed every part of the meditation and did not realize during the whole meditation how time went by it was like you wanted it to go on for more time. even when the body was having a bit of trouble sitting with the spine erect for long but the mind was always connected. it was a lovely experience to be in touch with you and have you guide us in the meditation.
I am going through a phase of a lot of indecision and the professional path ahead seems a little unclear to me. But after meeting you yesterday I am little more grounded and the line that you told me that just feel being in now and not thinking about the past or the future is very important indeed.
Thanks a lot for the meditation and i would be more than delighted to join in the meditation the next time we do it in London when you are here.
N.R., United Kingdom

Thank you for coming over and guide us. It was great, I am still feeling like a charged battery and so relaxed at the same time. Hope to see you soon again.
E.N., United Kingdom