Comprehensive Clearing


Remote sessions + audio rec. & report

This is an effective process to solve persisting issues once and for all, create field integrity and get back into the flow. The Home & Aura Clearing releases energetic noise and distractions, and is an optimal foundation for deeper explorations. 

The work is done remotely without you being physically present. 

Energy Clearing of your Auric Field & Home

The clearing of your field and the release of restrictive, distorting influences help to restore and maintain the integrity of your true self. Energy attachments not only drain your lifeforce, but also interfere with your perception. Their removal means: less mental noise and emotional turmoil, more clarity, serenity and better access to your inner voice, own talents and natural abilities. Your vitality, (self)love and creativity increase, because you have released destructive aspects, that were never yours in the first place. 

In this comprehensive programme I check negative influences that are attached to you and clear those entanglements, blockages or energy leakages. This clearing usually ends a series of tensions, fears and destructive thought patterns. Oftentimes it reduces symptoms such as tiredness, headache, sleep difficulties, relationship challenges, concentration issues and feeling stuck or out of control. A day or two after the spiritual cleansing of aura and home, people generally report to feel “peaceful”, “calmer in the mind”, “more energy”, “optimistic”, “clearer perception” (see/hear better, perceive colours more vivid), “ease to accept other people”, “think more clearly”. 

It is important to do the spiritual clearing of your living space before clearing your body system, simply to avoid that your healing gets sabotaged and to prevent repeated intrusions after the clearing work on you. (Recommended is also the clearing of all people you are living with. It can be done as a separate clearing session.)


The Comprehensive Clearing is an effective methods to:
1.) dissolve your energetic blockages, before they manifest as di-ease

2.) bring your lifeforce back into flow
3.) increase your understanding about our multidimensional anatomy
4.) free up your communications channels for higher sense perception
5.) be able to utilise incoming cosmic high frequencies

  • Comprehensive clearing of your Home  (plus a written report)
  • Comprehensive clearing of your Aura (plus a written report)
  • Individual integration plan from day 1

Sessions: the work is done remotely by me, while you continue with whatever you do
in your everyday life. Please schedule your appointment by using the form in CONTACT.
Timeframe: 2 days
Fee: Home Clearing EUR 140 per home + Aura Clearing EUR 260 per person – For Indian nationals living in India I offer a 40% rebate on the regular rate (given the economical situation and significantly lower average income in India): home clearing INR 6000 + aura clearing INR 9000.
Payment: due before we begin via PayPal or bank transfer.
Cancellation: Once paid, this work is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person/different service. 


Your work is exceptional — the way you have combined / integrated modalities is really impressive. Thank you for your support, Marina.
S.S., India

Dear Marina, wow! I felt the changes already just a few days after your comprehensive clearing! I‘m much calmer and it is indeed a lot easier to stay in the present moment. To my surprise I‘m not worried anymore, I find it even difficult to remember what I was worried about before. My mind seems exchanged or overhauled. I‘m in awe! It‘s really as if a new life chapter opened with more peace of mind, but also excitement about new opportunities, that are coming…. there were already interesting coincidences….. I feel as if I‘m finally properly connected to the universe. A huge heartfelt THANKS to you. And to the universe. May many people reach you and allow to be helped with this work! Thank you!!
K.J., Germany

thank you so much for this amazing work! really! You know, i feel very uplifted and happy. this place seems brighter and more spacious. i feel more space in my space. just finished listening to all of the 3 soul retrievals! no. 3 i would have never imagined it, not even with all my wild imagination. with all the pain and still fresh memories of those years, that past life connection is way beyond whatever i could have thought of! i want to thank you once again for all this amazing and huge work you have done for me, Marina. Heartfelt thank yous! now the matter is, how can you present this to the world? it is hard to imagine psychologists do this kind of work and process emotions and whatever else with their patients. it seems impossible to learn lessons unless one knows abt reincarnation, lessons to be learned etc and not only to know, but to accept, trust, feel this within. i am so glad my ability to forgive has been ripristinated. oh, and last night i won an astrology book in a fb draw!!! Yes!!! so happy not only for the book itself but for the symbolism of the win.
S.R., Italy

I have attached a document about the experiences I have been having since the clearing you did for me. It will give you an idea of the kind of clarity of thought and state of being I am experiencing. Thank you so much. Lots of love,
P.G., India

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