Holistic Coaching & Healing Sessions

1:1 meetings: online (zoom) or in person
We dissolve what blocks you, integrate what might be missing, activate a system upgrade and align you for optimal next steps in your life. I’m interested in your overall development and my work embraces your multidimensional anatomy: body, mind, heart, soul, spirit. I have a holistic trauma-informed healing approach which has proven effective in finding and clearing the root cause of a conflict or dis-ease, facilitating cognition of the bigger picture and liberation from entrapments and entanglements.

Areas of your life we can look at:

• Recurring life challenges (work, health, finances, spirituality)
• Repeated conflict patterns in relationships
• Codependent / Narcissistic relationships
• Spiritual abuse or entanglement (e.g. with a guru / cult)
• Emotional turmoil (e.g. anger, anxiety, jealousy, sadness)
• Trauma Release & Soul Integration (parentified child / inner child integration)
• Ancestral patterns & Lineage wounds
• Confusion / Indecisiveness (longterm or in an acute crossroad situation)
• Creative block / Times of transition / Existential crisis
• Energetic cords & Attachments to people (e.g. past relationships, family)
• Unexplainable thought loops / interferences
• Home & Aura Clearing (transit discarnates, release astral manipulations etc.)
• Self-Awareness, Soul purpose & Life journey

The modalities for our sessions get synchronised according to your unique situation. This may include: Family Constellation, advanced methods from Clinical Hypnosis (e.g. Past Life Regression, Talking to the Subconscious), Inner Child Integration, Soul Retrieval, Meditation techniques, Energy Clearing and Field Readings. 

Individual Consultation

For new clients, this is an opportunity to look at the most pressing issue. For existing clients, an adhoc meeting for urgent clearing of a situation.

• 1 meeting in person or via Zoom (75 mins.)
• Preliminary talk & Intention setting
• Personalised session

Appointments: upon your enquiry via contact
Fee: upon request
Language: English or German

3 Days Intensive Programme

Claim your power back. Which area in your life do you want to clear and strengthen? We look at an acute conflict or your priority issue, and go to the root cause of it. To cognise the bigger picture and context is key for your transformation, healing and realignment with your true essence.

• 3 Personalised sessions via Zoom (3x 75 mins. on 3 consecutive days, 1 session per day)
• Individual integration plan after the concluding session on the 3rd day
• Mail support (up to 1 week after our last session)

Appointments: upon your enquiry via contact
upon request

Language: English or German

9 Weeks Mentoring Programme 

We focus on your unique life situation, heart’s desire and spirit’s calling. This programme allows you to explore your inner landscape and learn to self-regulate. We utilise your higher sense perception for transformation and bring about consciousness shifts, self-healing, completion and blossoming.

• 9 Personalised sessions via Zoom (9x 75 mins. within 9 weeks, with 1 session per week)
• Dedicated healing and activation space over 9 weeks
• Mail support (up to 1 week after our last call)

Appointments: upon your enquiry via contact
upon request

Language: English or German

Schedule your Appointment

Please use the form in the CONTACT section if you would like to arrange an appointment.
For the resolution of a particular topic I recommend to start with a set of three sessions in quick succession (3 Days Intensive Programme). Old patterns are usually multi-layered and can take some time to unwind. Whatever is ready and relevant to be cleared from your unique system, will show up – at the dimension, speed and pace, that is right for you.

Payments for online work are due before the 1st session and within 24 hours after confirming the first appointment, otherwise sessions will be automatically cancelled. 
Cancellation: Once paid and scheduled, this work is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person / different service. Delayed arrivals (online / in person) may be rejected – out of consideration for other participants or other appointments. Appointments must be scheduled after purchase and take place within the scheduled time frame of 3 days / 9 weeks, or are forfeited otherwise.

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