High Frequency Alignment


Sessions: in person (or remotely)

Elevation in Silence

Do you feel tense, tired, out of sync or overloaded? Does your head seem full and your system in need of an inner clearing? If you don’t want to talk much and just wish to have a gentle energetic re-calibration, then this is the right session.

High Frequency Alignment is a harmonisation and elevation that takes place in SILENCE and WITHOUT PHYSICAL TOUCH while you are resting, neither you nor me is talking. I facilitate a high vibrational space that revitalises and empowers you.

High Frequency Alignment implies a clearing of the highest priority issues and energies which you have accumulated and that lower your vibration and distort your perception. A session is often an extraordinary experience giving a client the chance to become aware of a transformation process on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

1. Sessions: are done remotely or in person. The harmonisation occurs outside the constraints of time and space, so a difference in our locations is no issue. We do the scheduling via email – please write to me using the form in the CONTACT section.
2. Duration: 75 mins.

3. Fee: EUR 90 per single session. For Indian nationals living in India I offer a rebate of 40% off the regular rate due to the economical situation and the significantly lower average income in India: Rs 3400 per single session. Payment is due before the session (via PayPal).
4. Cancellation: Cancellation with less than 24-hours notice prior to our appointment or no show: you will be billed the full price of the scheduled session. No refund/ no-transfer to another person or service. Appointments must be scheduled after purchase and used within scheduled time frame, or are forfeited otherwise.
5. How many sessions: Each session and each individual is unique. I recommend 3 with a few days gap in between, to gain momentum. Many people notice a positive shift after the first session – a more profound change in self-perception after the 3rd session. However, it is best to release expectation.


Thank you again for your beautiful healing session the other day. Keep up the great work you are doing for the Light!!!
S.A., Italy

Since our session I am finding that you helped me unlock the blockages in my feminine. My relationship with my husband is much more harmonious and things are flowing … Thank you. I also feel that I am flowing and emotions are not intense anymore, I am managing to observe and ride the waves. Hugs and much love.
A.B., India

For almost 20 years, Marina and I have been accompanying each other on our journey through life. Marina has my full respect for the steps she has taken (…). I trust her completely – and so I placed myself into her hands for a treatment. I have opened myself for something which until today I can not grasp with my mind… I can only say what I felt and still feel: this indescribable tender, yet powerful connection of my being with the universal creative power – with God. I have seen inner pictures, which give me confidence. I feel involved in the unimaginable great plan of creation. By the way, almost every day I am amazed that the frequent headaches I had over decades have gone.
H.E., Germany

Marina, Thank you so much. Your sessions are amazing and you are gifted.
B.B., Indien