Home Clearing

T H I S   W O R K   I S   D O N E   R E M O T E L Y


This clearing of your home releases energetic noise and distractions, and is an optimal foundation for deeper processes and explorations. It can also facilitate the release of toxic or stuck energy phenomena, that might prevent you from good sleep and functional relationships.

The work is done remotely without you being physically present. 

In this programme I check restrictive, distorting influences that are linked to your home (house, apartment or office) and clear those entanglements, blockages or energy leakages. This clearing usually ends a series of symptoms such as tiredness, headache, sleep difficulties, relationship challenges, concentration issues and feeling stuck or out of control. 

If you consider an auric clearing, it is important to do the spiritual clearing of your living space before clearing your body system, simply to avoid that your healing gets sabotaged and to prevent repeated intrusions after the clearing work on you.  


Session: The work is done remotely by me, while you continue with whatever you do
in your everyday life. Please schedule your appointment by using the form in CONTACT.

You will receive: Comprehensive clearing of your home (plus a written report) and your individual integration plan.
Timeframe: 1 day

Fee: EUR 150 per home – For Indian nationals living in India I offer a 40% rebate on the regular rate (given the economical situation and significantly lower average income in India): home clearing INR 6000
Payment: due before we begin via PayPal or bank transfer.
Cancellation: Once paid, this work is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person/different service. 

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