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Shedding light on the subconsciousness

If certain health and relationship issues, anxiety, energy depletion, creative blocks or fears keep reoccurring, Hypnotherapy has proven effective to find the root cause of the conflict or dis-ease and get an understanding for why it exists, and therewith heal it. In other words, the method of integral Hypnotherapy as I practice it can be used to facilitate the transformation and release of your sabotaging behaviour-, thought- and illness patterns on subconscious level, once and for all. BUT not only that. We can also gain insights on higher truths and other dimensions. You will access whatever is most relevant in your current situation and which serves your highest good.

While our conscious mind includes the logic, rational explanation capacity and short-term memory, our subconscious mind is the storage space of ALL our experiences, memories, habits, emotional programs, conditionings and behavioural patterns. The subconscious is sealed and guarded by a critical instance of the conscious mind though. Hence the difficulties one often encounters with conventional therapies when trying to clear and dissolve limiting thought patterns or emotional entanglements by just “talking through it”. Hypnosis is an optimal way to gain access to the deeper realms of the mind and the vast archive of information and imprints that you accumulated not only in this life, but also over lifetimes

Hypnosis helps not only to understand and clear the root cause of physical or emotional issues but also to better understand the spiritual realm of existence. Because human beings are of spiritual origin, the transpersonal component – embracing a client’s higher dimensional realities, bridging mind, body and spirit – should not be overlooked within the practice of hypnotherapy. As a German living in India, where the use of hypnotic modalities as a key to spiritual planes is much more natural, I very much hope that these insights spread more and more in the West. 

Hypnosis can be an effective tool to go very deep and very high, very fast and the hypnotherapist is like a guide who facilitates the processThe client can leave the hypnotic state whenever he wants and can also decide what information he discloses to the therapist – the session is a spoken dialogue. The therapist has no control over the client’s thoughts, nor does the client loose control over what he says. The experience belongs to the client and springs forth from his/her own imprints and memories (data stored in subconscious mind, cellular memory etc), of which he is not necessarily aware of in his day to day consciousness. 

How I understand and use this method goes far beyond traditional suggestion hypnosis. We work in the dimensions of consciousness and energy, going beyond time and space. You will be guided by your higher self and spirit, and you will receive the information and insights relevant to the question at hand. 

The term Integral Spiritual Hypnosis is much more appropriate than Clinical Hypnosis. The way I have experienced it as client and as I’m now practicing it as therapist truly embraces all levels of your beingness – physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual (the model of  the 5 Koshas according to the yoga and ayurveda traditions can be used to illustrate the non-physical levels of human existence).


Hypnosis, which is a tool to reach an altered state of consciousness (a state of deep physical and mental relaxation), allows to connect to the subconsciousness and supraconsciousness (= your higher self)). In such a state information from the subconscious mind can be retrieved for better understanding and clearing an issue at root cause level (a typical example here is Past Life Regression). At the same time, the subconscious mind is very receptive to positive constructive suggestions – an opportunity we can utilise, of course. 

Hypnosis goes far beyond the psychotherapeutic context, and while modern medicine might be able to fix a problem, hypnotherapy can heal the original wound or disalignment. The background and connections of a problem can be see by the clients themselves as everything unfolds in front of their inner eye. Through skilled guidance by the therapist (free of any presumptions), the hypnotic state can be used as a place of power for progress and harmonisation. For example, in cases of:

•  Recurring life challenges (health, money/finances, spirituality)
•  Relationship problems (parents, partner, colleagues)
•  Emotional turmoil (e.g. anger, lack of confidence, jealousy, sadness)
•  Confusion / Indecisiveness (longterm or in an acute crossroad situation)
•  Integration of inner child (after childhood trauma, abuse etc)
•  Physical pain / dis-ease

•   Creative block / Learning difficulties
•  Times of transition / Crisis

•  Traumas, phobias, anxiety, fears 
•  Energetic cords and attachments
•  Ancestral / Lineage wounds
•  Spirit release
•  Need to forgive someone (e.g. past relationships, family)

 Soul purpose & Life journey
•  Spiritual insights & Other dimensions


We work in person. Please use the form in the CONTACT section if you would like to arrange an appointment. For optimal progress and the resolution of one particular topic I recommend to start with a set of 3 sessions. Old patterns are usually multi-layered and can take some time to unwind. Whatever is ready and important to be cleared from your unique system, will show up – at the speed and pace, that is right for you.

Timing: one session takes 3-4 hours 
Fee per session:
 details upon request
Cancellation: Cancellation with less than 24-hours notice prior to our appointment or no show: you will be billed the full price of the scheduled session. 


Recommended authors and pioneers in Spiritual Hypnotherapy:
Dolores Cannon
Dr. Brian Weiss
Joseph Costa
Milton H. Erickson
Dr. Allen Chips

Hypnotherapy is a collaboration between therapist and client. Openness and trust on client side are crucial. The client’s mind should be ready to receive, because hypnosis is working through the mind, through physical and mental relaxation. How can clients who are uncooperative be brought into a deep state of relaxation? Not at all. Therefore, people should come to this kind of work on their own initiative, without pressure from friends, doctors or partners. When scheduling an appointment make sure that you are truly ready and committed to do this work.

On Past Life Regression (PLR): When it comes to the intention to heal the root cause on an issue, Hypnosis and Past Life Regression often go hand in hand. If a client wishes specifically to check a past life, it should be clear that the whole process is spiritual and serious. The space of past life is sacred and is not intended for the purpose of entertainment or self-promotion. 


Hypnotherapy was a whole new experience for me. In contrast to other healing methods known to me, the solution and the way there do not come from the therapist, but from one’s own self. A healing and change within me took place in two sessions. During my first hypnotherapy appointment several blockages showed up in the abdomen and head, which I could solve myself under guidance from Marina. In the second session, I got to see inner pictures from past lives, which presented a clear explanation for today’s problems, which we then solved. After the two meetings, much inner tension has dissolved. I was able to forgive and let go of people who let me down. Insomnia, that plagued me for years, has gone immediately after the first session. These days I feel more centred and balanced, and see my life with gratitude and “new eyes”.
T.H., Germany 

Dear Marina, Extremely, extremely, extremely grateful for today. Totally amazing… Thanks a ton.
A.M., India 

Thank you. So vital to my growth. Your work through god is a true blessing. I will respond with a review when I get a chance. :::::  Hypnotherapy helped me heal and cleanse past emotional disturbances that were hiding deep within my being. Everyday life and even meditative practices were not enough to calm my beliefs and fears and connect me into my subconscious where I was storing all this trauma. Marina’s voice, space, and technique put me in such a relaxed state, with her guidance I was able to process emotions and heal resentments rooted deep within me. It was a very powerful and therapeutic experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, is experiencing difficulty coming to terms with past emotional traumas.
A.N., USA 

Marina is a very skilled and highly intuitive practitioner. She has a gentle and unique way about her that instantly allows you to feel at ease. Here guidance was so valuable to me at a time when I needed help to shift patterns and limiting beliefs. She helped open up insight and healing that has continued to reveal itself over time. I cannot say enough about what a compassionate, special and wise practitioner Marina is. I would return to her regularly if I lived closer and I recommend her services to anyone who might find themselves at a crossroads, who might have life questions or who might simply need guidance through a tough time.
N.R., Canada