About Meditation

Your life expressions – feelings, thoughts, words, actions, creations – are a mirror of the consciousness you are holding. Meditation can be a door to anchor higher consciousness. While stillness and relaxation are one aspect of meditation, the main focus is on becoming increasingly more aware of ourselves and our environment. We learn to witness our feelings and thoughts, which helps us to drop our identifications and impulsive reactive behaviour. We allow ourselves to be conscious in the present moment and discern what is really important. 

Meditation (dhyana) is one of the keys of yoga practice which aims at transforming the human to its pure, potent, conscious and mature form. Meditation is a gateway to refined awareness that allows us to go beyond reactive, habitual tendencies and identifications with the restless mind. More and more we respond in conscious, elegant ways. While we attune with our higher self to the flow of life, our multidimensional perception abilities increase and intuitive impulses can reach us more easily. 

Spirituality is first and foremost about one’s own inner experiences, the clearing and revitalisation of one’s mind and body system, and the implementation of one’s insights into every day life and relationships. It is about transforming our attitude and behaviour (thought, word, action) towards ourselves and fellow-beings – which includes to go beyond man-made boundaries like countries, cultures, castes, concepts and creed. 

Through meditation practice we increasingly sense that there is a benevolent supreme instance that sustains us. In this deep experiential knowledge and the feeling of being “carried and taken care of”, our heart space expands.

Serenity, compassion, surrender, freedom from judgmentalness and the ability to make decisions from real, unconditioned inner knowing grow steadily. Present moment awareness begins to go beyond the actual meditation session and becomes a 24/7 lifestyle.

So meditation can lead us to the uncluttering of our inner household as well as outer life – to inner freedom and simplicity. We enter a state of being which is characterised by presence, discernment, equanimity, harmony and universal love – a mode in which we can pass this love on to others…