About Meditation

Our life expressions – feelings, thoughts, words, actions, creations – are a mirror of the consciousness we are holding. Meditation is the gateway to an elevated state of beingness and refined awareness. And practicing it contributes to embodying and anchoring higher frequencies of consciousness.

Meditation (dhyana) is one of the key spiritual practices which aims at transforming the human to its pure, potent, conscious and mature form. Meditation is a wonderful transformation and healing tool, as it allows us to go beyond reactive, habitual tendencies and identifications with the restless mind.

Meditation practice contributes to finetuning our perception antennae. We increasingly anchor ourselves in the present moment and become more aware of ourselves, our feelings and thoughts. We learn to witness what is happening within and around us, without reacting. By shifting to higher consciousness we perceive who we really are from an absolute point of view, therewith drop our limiting identifications and go beyond our conditioned smaller selves. Impulsive, compulsive behaviour patterns, monkey mind chatter, emotional charge and also physical blocks melt gradually and automatically. Making room for self-realisation and liberation from all illusions.

Meditation is universal and goes beyond man-made boundaries like countries, cultures, castes, concepts and creed. In fact, through meditation practice we increasingly sense that there is a benevolent divine intelligence that sustains everything, a primordial power from which everything is formed. In this deep experiential knowledge and the feeling of being “carried and taken care of”, our heart space expands. 

Serenity, compassion and freedom from judgmentalness and the ability to make decisions from real, unconditioned inner knowing grow steadily. Present moment awareness begins to go beyond the actual meditation session and becomes a 24/7 lifestyle.

So meditation can lead us to inner freedom – the uncluttering of our inner household as well as outer life. We enter a state of being which is characterised by equanimity, discernment, simplicity and a harmonic flow with ourselves, nature and the cosmos. This way meditation can also be seen as gateway to superconsciousness and omnilove.