Mentoring & Supervision


During these individualised sessions I guide you to a higher state of awareness so you can feel and see for yourself the context of your current challenge and the next steps forward for optimal progress. We meet online or in person and I lead you to trust your own higher sense perception and higher self perspective. At the same time I will function as catalyst and sparring partner.

Guidance for a Personal Situation: 

1:1 meetings, online or in person. Areas of your life we can look at:
Physical health
Love relationship
Work & Career
Fertility & Female Cycles
Family, Friendships & Network
Life opportunities & Perspectives
Money flow & Finances
Clarity of Mind & Decisiveness (in an acute crossroad situation)
Confidence, Anxiety & Depression patterns
Childhood imprints & Emotional wounds
Spiritual Awakening, Soul & Spirit
Creative flow & Self-expression

Supervision for Yoga Teachers / Spa Therapists / Holistic Health Consultants:

For optimising your personal path as well as your professional interaction with clients or students.
1:1 meetings, online or in person,  to support you in your work and self-assessment practice. 

3 Days Intensive Programme

For perceptive individuals and those who have worked with me before. Which area in your life do you want to optimise? We look at the bigger picture of one priority issue, go to the root cause it and realign you.

  • 3 Personalised sessions via Zoom (3x 75 mins. within 3 days) 
  •  Individual integration plan after the concluding session 
  • Mail support (up to 1 week after our last session) 

FEE: EUR € 360,- 
APPOINTMENTS: after receipt of payment and your enquiry via contact


3 Days Intensive


9 Weeks Mentoring Programme 

For perceptive individuals and those who have worked with me before. We focus on your unique life situation and heart’s desire.

  • 9 Personalised sessions via Zoom (9x 75 mins. within 9 weeks) 
  • Individual integration plan after each session 
  • Mail support (up to 1 week after our last call) 

FEE: EUR € 1080,-
APPOINTMENTS: after receipt of payment and your enquiry 
via contact


9 Weeks Mentoring


Payment is due before the 1st session and within 24 hours after confirming the booking, otherwise sessions will be automatically cancelled. 
Cancellation: Once paid and scheduled, this work is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person / different service. Appointments must be scheduled after purchase and take place within the scheduled time frame of 3 days / 9 weeks, or are forfeited otherwise.

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