Practice Cases

Transformation happens within individual timeframes depending on a client’s
receive-ability, committment and the complexity of the challenges.

Each session demonstrates again and again how unique every being is and that there are no formulas that can be generalised as solution – apart from those basic keys: openness, non-judgmentalness and light of consciousness. Each case has its own individual dynamic and has to be looked at in a fresh manner without assumptions.

Examples of how clients moved on, FROM:

• indecisiveness at life’s crossroads TO clarity about next steps to take
• chronic dis-ease (e.g. tinnitus, migraine, thrush) and health issues TO be permanently symptom-free
• confusion about spiritual journey, lost contact to own inner voice (due to influences from gurus, spiritual schools etc.) TO recognising and re-connecting with growing confidence to own voice and true self.
• stress and restlessness TO a sense of freedom and peace of mind

• low paid, non-stimulating job as employee TO self-employed with own office, staff and higher income
• unhappy or no relationship, living alone TO being happily married and living with soul mate
• emotionally charged reactivity in conflict situations TO calm and conscious responding
• no idea what yoga is about TO experiencing the gateways of yoga and meditation 
• low sense of self esteem TO understanding the power of thought
• unaware of what god/source/the divine is about TO deep trust in existence and feeling own connection with god/source/the divine
• depressive and lethargic TO re-established vitality, interest in life and confidence
• sense of powerlessness during pregnancy and fear of painful birthing TO deep sense of calm and confidence, trusting own body’s and baby’s natural capabilities
• struggling on Earth with Earth people, earthly parents, mainstream Earth teachings, media and life concepts TO understanding the bigger picture
• frustration as despite of doing lots of inner work – sadhana, self-development, therapy, coaching – and having made some progress, life still feels as if the handbreaks were on and there is still a gap to what life could feel like and manifest either physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially or socially TO a better understanding of conscious choice and energies on the subtle realms of existence, feeling lighter and back in the flow of life
• conflict on astral level and energetic heaviness TO liberation from entities and newly gained life zest