Practice: Higher Perception

Don’t figure out life from the mind, but rather let your heart and inner knowing guide you. For this you FEEL and listen within. Feeling uses your multidimensional body system and higher sense perception which are holistic and much more accurate than linear thinking.

It helps to be aware of the difference between FEELINGS and EMOTIONS: While emotions tend to erupt automatically from your subconscious mind with high charge (positive or negative), feelings happen much more paced in present moment awareness. To feel is about utilising your higher sense antennae for perception and data gathering. Feeling is the key to discernment and decisions which serve your highest good. In contrast, emotions are impulsive and can produce harm to yourself and others. You say or do something on impulse, that you later regret. Hence emotions run risk of creating unintended consequences and bindings for you.
Move from compulsive reacting (emotions) to conscious responding (feeling). And if a topic, question or person has triggered an emotional reaction in you – e.g. sadness, anger, irritation, infatuation, desire, jealousy – it indicates that you have not reached reconciliation and resolution (completion) with it. Emotional charge usually indicates a lack of integration.

How to sharpen our inner antennae for higher perception?

I found that there is no way around the establishment of a regular meditation practice. Holistic healing is one crucial key, but a disciplined, continuous meditation practice is the other. Our life expressions – feelings, thoughts, words, actions, creations – are a mirror of the consciousness we are holding. And meditation can be a door to anchor higher consciousness. While stillness and relaxation are one aspect of meditation, the main focus is on becoming increasingly more aware of ourselves and our environment. We learn to witness our feelings and thoughts, which helps us to drop our limiting identifications and impulsive reactive behaviour. We allow ourselves to be conscious in the present moment and discern what is really important.
Through meditation practice we increasingly sense that there is a benevolent supreme instance that sustains us. In this deep experiential knowledge and the feeling of being ‘carried and taken care of’, our heart space expands. Serenity, compassion, freedom from judgmentalness and the ability to make decisions from real, unconditioned inner knowing grow steadily. Present moment awareness begins to go beyond the actual meditation session and becomes a 24/7 lifestyle.