My approach is transpersonal and holistic, which means we look at your situation with respect not only for physical and mental aspects of the human experience but also for the spiritual dimensions of life (= going beyond the person). I offer a step-by-step process, which adapts its pace according to your receptivity. 

Although I do adhoc one off sessions to help clients clear acute issues, my general approach is not about sporadic, patchy fixing but a comprehensive ‘inner housekeeping’. And there are good reasons for this: detox on soul level, lasting selfhealing, continuous awareness shifts and progress towards inner liberation and holististic well-being. Speed and dimension of the process match your needs and capacities.

We work across time and space with your subconscious and energy field to bring up what lies buried in your system. This way, we can release emotional toxins and data that do not serve your highest good. Less beneficial imprints get replaced with higher frequency alternatives – you let go of what is not yours and re-member aspects that belong to you.

Let’s check together, what might be holding you back, what you can let go of and what to re-member. Where there are gaps, or blockages. 

The Foundational Part, which we do together:

  • Comprehensive Aura & Home Clearing
    Sweep of your home environment and your multidimensional anatomy
  • Soul Retrieval
    Integration of fragmentations from traumata especially during formative years between conception and adolescence
  • Vision Quest
    Inspiration and orientation through your higher self
  • Meditation
    Continuous sessions or introduction courses

Methods for Clearings, Care and Maintenance, which I facilitate for you:

  • Readings & Clearings
    Single or 3-step soul field readings to release persisting problems and questions
  • High Frequency Alignment
    Energetic clearing and recharge in silence
  • Energetic Home Clearing
    ‘Spring Cleaning’ 1x a year
  • Aura Clearing 
    2x a year, depending on how you feel, what your work is like and whom you meet and live with

Programmes for Conscious Creation, during which I accompany you:

  • Holistic Coaching
    single sessions, 3 days Intense or 9 weeks Mentoring
  • Divine Being Programme for Women
    5 sessions within 10 days – Soul nourishment from the Goddess field

Continuous work that I can guide you with but which is ultimately your homework:

  • Regular Meditation & own research / enquiry
    Look within to access your inner knowing
  • Integrative Bodywork
    Massage, steam, walking in nature, swimming, dancing, yoga practice
  • Pure, sattvic food
    Vegetarian organic food, good oils, pure water – meals should be simple but delicious and nutritious
  • Implementing what you have learned
    Integrating your insights into everyday life, especially when interacting with others

The modalities for our sessions get synchronised according to your situation. This may include: advanced modalities from Clinical Hypnosis (e.g. past life regression, talking to the subconscious), Family Constellation, Meditation techniques, Soul Retrieval, integrative Bodywork, Energy Clearings and Readings. The methods I utilise are flexible enough to allow continuous upgrades and an adaption to your unique requirements.