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Remote sessions + audio recording

While I’m in a an altered state of consciousness I scan your issue. The feelings, pictures and messages I receive, allow insights and deeper understanding of the life situation or blockage in question. That which is in your way to make the next step forward gets revealed and cleared. In the light of awareness this happens naturally and effortlessly.

One of my abilities is to tap consciously into a field of information and knowledge which cannot be detected by the normal five senses, but which is present as vibration. Hereby I’m not the maker or doer – on the contrary, I’m rather an empty channel, a space holder with sharpened antennae, available to receive knowledge through pure consciousness.

Beyond time and space, I get to see relevant connections and most demonstrative energies related to your question or root causes of an issue. In this state, I’m balancing two awareness levels at the same time – on the one hand higher consciousness to connect to the information field while channeling frequencies that facilitate into the reading an immediate harmonisation process – what’s blocking gets released and replaced with something higher (hence Reading AND Clearing) – and on the other hand a more ordinary consciousness through which I’m allowed to translate what shows up into words and speak (for the recording of the audio-report of the session).

Note: All events and knowledge are permanently registered in the supreme realms of omniscience (all-knowing), omnipresence (ever present) and omnipotence (unlimited power), also known as Akashic record (Sanskrit, meaning sky or æther), mystical knowledge encoded in the subtle/non-physical plane of existence. 

To solve a persisting issue once and for all, create field integrity and get you back in the flow, a Soul Retrieval consisting of a set of 3 Readings & Clearings over 2 consecutive days, has proven very effective. 

A Soul Retrieval is a traditional (shamanic) Energy- and Soul- Healing method. I read your field and facilitate a re-integration of relevant fragmentations, gaps or blockages linked to your  question / issue. 

Whether your problem results from childhood, this life or past lives, every shock or traumatic situation that remains unhealed has an influence on you. And most likely you have developed coping strategies, thought and behavioural patterns which are rather ineffective and outdated now as an adult. 

It is common that in times of extreme stress a disassociation takes place, as an automatic protection mechanism. These split off pieces are still connected to you but remain separated, and will affect you until they get acknowledged, healed and reintegrated (a process also known as Inner Child Work).


This is an ideal method for distant healing. You are not physically present during the session. You simply go on doing whatever you normally do. I’m going to record all the information that I receive and mail you the final audio recording (download link). To book your appointments, please use the form on the CONTACT page.

Sessions: All Readings are done remotely by me, without you being physically present. You continue with whatever you do in your everyday life. The Readings are recorded for you as audio files. Please schedule your appointment by using the form in CONTACT.
Emergency reading: please send a mail and I will accommodate your urgent case according to the next available timeslot.
Fee for single Reading: EUR 90 for ‘lighter / younger’ issues (covering 1 topic / question)
Fee for 3-steps Soul Retrieval (3 Readings in the course of 2 days) for older / sticky issues: EUR 220 (I hold dedicated space for you over those two days). For Indian nationals living in India I offer a rebate of 40% off the regular rate due to the economical situation and the significantly lower average income in India: Rs 3600 per single session. Rs 11000 for a set of 3 readings within 2 days.
Payment: due before we begin via PayPal or bank transfer.
Cancellation: Once paid, this work is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person/different service.
Note: This work is for clearing serious concerns, for rebalancing and harmonisation, serving your highest good. I do not do any divination and forecasts or readings for entertainment purposes.

BOOK NOW: Reading & Clearing

One Reading & Clearing session. Plus audio file. IMPORTANT: After booking / paying your online session, please send me an email (click CONTACT) with a description of your current issue, if you have not done so already.


BOOK NOW: 3 Step Soul Retrieval

Three Reading & Clearing sessions in the course of two days. Plus audio file. IMPORTANT: After booking / paying your online session, please send me an email (click CONTACT) with a description of your current issue, if you have not done so already.



Dear Marina, Your sessions are wonderful and beautiful, and very healing. I feel very well and so light. May you help many people on their way.
L.N., Germany 

Dearest Marina, WOW! And thank you!!!! This is the most amazing experience I’ve had so far with energy healing. What an amazing work you can do! The image u got really conveys what I’ve been feeling all my life and especially in the last 2 yrs about my family. And my inability to let go of such disfunctional ties no matter how hard I tried. And feeling disempowered, guilty and wrong like an helpless little child. So much to say, and I will. But right now I just wanted to thank you and your army for such powerful and beautiful work. I feel really grateful and moved. And possibly sort of more excited, alive and lighter, fresher, a mixture of all of those feelings into one. I went on the balcony after listening to the session, it was sunny and windy and this song from the Stones came into my mind, “she’ s a rainbow” and I felt such lightness, I felt that was me, getting back my colors. Wow!
S.R., Italy 

Dear Marina. Words can hardly describe how much your more than 1 hours’ work has touched me. And I first had to be with it in silence. I could perceive from your side so much empathy, perseverance, focus, and yet so much humility and love for everything that showed up – so much attentiveness -, that alone was overwhelming. Tears were flowing, and I could sense what was taking place on a deep level. In particular, the work with the entity “gray cloud” was carried out by so much wisdom, – not pushing the energy away, but instead looking into its heart and inviting it to transform itself from there. Ingenious. With all which has shown up, I will be (and be open for the “miracle” that may set in…): in meditation, in prayer, in reconciliation work, in clarifying the relationship with mother and brother. Love sets free… THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
C.W., Germany 

Dear Marina, Thank you for your kind email! I arrived back home this Friday after some traveling. Yes, everything worked out fine in the end. (…) I was super happy that I could contact you and have the reading & clearing. It helped me wake up from the strange inner state I had slipped into in this situation and from which I had difficulty to free myself. It was so interesting as well to feel the immediate shift from one inner state to the other after your clearing. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by happy people and much more western women. While before, I just could not find them. Really interesting. Needs some more reflection now that I am back. Thank you so much for your work and your care! It was immensely important for me at that time. Sending you love from Amsterdam!
C.v.R., Netherlands

Please note:
I am not a physician and I do not diagnose or treat a disease. If you have a serious medical or mental condition, please inform me and seek medical advice from your doctor or other health care professional. I am in service to spirit and it is through spirit-source-god that you shift energetically into a state where healing becomes available to you and by you, in partnership with spirit. So I cannot guarantee specific results.
Your intuitive reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. You, as the client receiving the intuitive reading, are responsible for all of your choices and/or actions. You as client take full responsibility for using this service. By contacting me for a session you are acknowledging this.