Start the Day Meditation

Short powerful prayer-meditation to prepare you for a good day.

Sit down in a comfortable meditation position and keep your spine erect.
Start the audio recording of this 6-minutes morning meditation and
close your eyes:


“Good Morning. This is a short prayer meditation to prepare you for the day.

Please sit down in a comfortable position, with your spine erect. Breathe in and out, through your nose, gently and deeply, 3 times.

Highest supreme consciousness, I thank you for this new day.

I thank you, my spiritual guides, masters, angels and gods for their presence and support in my life.

I am divinely protected, guided and inspired – now, today and always. Thank you.

My whole beingness is in divine order. And in that, I serve my true self and live my highest potential.

I allow divine intelligence to express itself through me.

Today, at any time and in any situation, I am shown exactly what to do. I am able to do everything perfectly and easily. I receive and use wisely all the good things that the highest supreme consciousness is giving me, and the highest realms and existence have so many good things for me, now.

The whole universe is in me.

The whole universe is with me – and I welcome it daily.

While I’m breathing gently in and out, I let the highest supreme consciousness stream through my whole system. I allow the light of the highest divine to surround and infuse my physical and my subtle bodies, to harmonise and strengthen them.

And when I turn towards the aspects of daily life, I’m maintaining the centredness, serenity and equanimity that are in me now.

OM shanti shanti shanti OM.”