Restoring and balancing all levels of your being (mental, emotional, energetic, physical, spiritual) is crucial to find out who you really are and live your full potential. My intention is to share what I know and help you to be healthy and happy, to transform dis-ease and limiting conditionings, and to find your way forward – authentic, serene, empowered, with clarity and creativity. In connection with your heart.

For those who are open to change perspective, who are interested in higher awareness and more choice in life, I offer Meditation classes (both in small private groups as well as in companies), Clinical Hypnosis, HypnoBirthing® and High Frequency Alignment. Gateways to upgrade your vibration.

Some of the sessions take place in person, others remotely, over the phone/Skype.
For further information and bookings:
Please use the form in the CONTACT section or mail: adivinespace(at)gmail.com

We have times of great change, which ask each one of us to be agile, pay full attention to what is happening and to check our place in life. And often we have to leave the old, familiar and proven. Each crisis that we are experiencing in a private, professional or existential context, is a call to look closer though. Because on the back of this crisis there is always already something new and more suitable waiting for us. I see myself as facilitator, as someone who accompanies the client and inspires to look closer and find his/her own unique solutions. 

How does life get any better than this? What else is possible?

To your happiness. Welcome and Namasté.